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The Passion has begun...

2004-03-21 @ 10:21 a.m.

What an AMAZING way to end the weekend and wake up to a beautiful Sunday morning.

My weekend started out on Friday with Matt flipping out and all. And I didn't see Dan that evening because he ended up getting out of work late and had to be at work at 6 am Saturday morning. We were to meet up at 11 am, but, he fell asleep for a couple of hours. So Matt dragged my ass to Park Meadows Mall with him to look for cleats for softball and then we went and picked up Dan. Then, we met up with Jenn at my house and the four of us hung out at Matt's until it was time for bowling. Matt and Dan came with us to bowling, and I think Dan W. was a bit jealous, but, hey, I love him dearly and he's been one of my best friends for the last 16 years, and he knows that when I have a boyfriend, it's cool.

So, anyway, it was nice having Dan with me at bowling, he was like my own personal cheering squad. I guess when he and Matt went into the bar to shoot some pool, they kinda broke the table, Dan said that a couple of the pockets broke or something, who knows. So, it seemed for a while that something was bothering Dan, I talked to him and asked him what was wrong, and he mentioned about his stomach acting up again from the food poisoning a few days before. After bowling, Jenn went home and Dan, Matt and I hung out at Matt's, watched a couple of movies, Matt cooked sloppy joe's and we drank some beer. Then we played Skip-Bo, and I must say, I got my ass kicked except once, Dan ended up being the grand champion.

During the course of the evening I was a bit upset that Dan and I didn't really get to spend time alone together. Then, in the middle of our Skip-Bo game Dan said that he wanted us to spend time later so, we left Matt's house at 2:30 in the morning, and Dan and I came to my house for the rest of the evening-well, morning actually. It was AWESOME!!! We made love 6 times and discussed how we were glad that we met and I asked him why he liked me, and he told me he liked me the moment he laid eyes on me. He told me that he saw my real beauty in my eyes and knew that he wanted to be with me. He doesn't look at the outside of a person, but looks inside, just the same as I do. But, we had the most beautiful conversation on the planet!

I know, I sound like a little school girl. But, things were just perfect. Then we slept in each others arms for four hours and woke to beautiful kisses and more love making. I have to say, he is the best person I have ever made love to. Trust me, none of it was just sex, there was intense passion in everything. He's so affectionate and loving it's just awesome. I told him this morning, I could wake up next to you every morning like this. And he was so impressed and ecstatic that I said that, and said "Really?" with a big smile on his face and more kisses then he decided to make love to me again. This boy is a God in the bedroom! (and the couch, and the living room floor) LOL.

Everything was just so passionate, and we discussed how important communication is in a relationship, and he promised me that is one thing that we most definitely will ALWAYS have because he feels the same as I that that is the main key to a wonderful lasting relationship.

It's been quite a long while since I have been with someone and it has been 2 years for him after he lost his fiancé. The whole time we were together was just beautiful and passionate, I don't know how much more I can express that.

He wanted to stay with me all day but, he's the only manager at work today, so, he had to go to work. So, this morning, I brought him home so that he can get ready for work. Before he got out of my car, he told me that he will be thinking about me all day with a smile and thinking about the beautiful passion that we make together. **sigh**

We were joking about our cereal favorite and how Dan and I mentioned it to Jenn and Matt at different times then when Jenn and Matt talked, they discussed about our cereal deal and Dan was jokingly saying "the cereal is our little secret" I'm like whatever you told Matt...and we just laughed.

We have so much fun together whether we're together or on the phone and he just makes me laugh. I haven't laughed and felt good like this in so long. It feels like my broken heart is starting to become a memory. An old memory. And it feels good. Dan and I both mentioned that we're both excited to see how things turn out with us. And between you and I, to be honest, I think this is going to blossom into something beautiful.

What a beautiful day and wonderful weekend this has been.

Much Love!