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Circle of Friends

2004-03-19 @ 5:06 p.m.

Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama...that's the only way to put things at this point. Here's the deal, Dan is a friend of Matt, who is a friend of Jenn who is a friend of mine. So, here we are, a circle of friends. Although, Matt wants to date Jenn, Jenn just wants to remain friends with Matt and nothing more, and Dan and I want to date each other. Yet from what I am told by Matt that Dan can be filled with lies yet he's a good guy. Not once, that I have seen that Dan has lied to me. And I'm usually pretty good at being able to tell if I'm being lied to.

So, Matt tells me things about Dan, I tell Jenn things about Dan, Matt bitches about Dan and yells at him and tells him not to screw me over. Here's Jenn, watching, and me wondering why Matt is doing this. According to Jenn, Matt is basically protecting me, which is fine, I'm glad for that yet I tell Matt, things that go on between Dan and I is between us, and he agrees, I tell Matt I don't want him to come in the middle of Dan and I, and Matt says I'm not putting him in the middle, he's putting himself in the middle. Dan and I have been seeing each other a week tomorrow, now Dan tells me one thing and he tells Matt another, now, I don't know who to believe or should I say what to believe because Dan has not lied to me yet and hope that he doesn't and Matt hasn't either. Again, here's Jenn watching from the sidelines. Now, both Jenn and Matt hope that things do work out with Dan and I and so do I, and I'm sure Dan does too. So, the best thing to do is that Dan and I need to sit down and talk things out on our own. Mind you, we're not having any problems at all, it's Matt getting in the middle of things where he shouldn't, we'll see how the weekend goes.

Much Love,