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NO MORE Graveyards!

2004-11-11 @ 2:00 p.m.

Good news came yesterday that Dan is no longer working graveyards. We are both so happy about it because it isnít putting such a strain on things for us anymore. It was odd with us not being together and we both hated it. Tomorrow Dan and I are going shopping for a down comforter and he wants to take me out to dinner to the Black Angus. So weíre gonna have a really nice and romantic evening. It will be nice for us to go out and have a really nice dinner for a change.

Dan and I are thinking of taking a vacation after the new year. I donít know if Iíve mentioned it on here yet or notÖI know that I did tell Jenn about it. Our first choice was Las Vegas, but then we started debating about either Disney World (Florida) or maybe to Connecticut. No matter where we go weíre gonna go. It will be fun. Iíve never been that far east of the United States except to Virginia Beach and thatís because my brother lives there. But weíll eventually figure out where we want to go.

Iím sitting here at work just brain exhausted! Iíve been doing so much that I donít think thereís room in my brain for more work today. I get off work here in an hour and 15 minutes. So, Iím just killing time right now I just want to go home and take a little nap and get rid of this migraine that is vastly approaching.

Last night Dan and his dad went to look at cars and so his dad put money down on a new Nissan Frontier and Dan will be getting his dadís Dodge Dakota. Dan and I were talking last night that it would be nice for us (of course he will own it, not I) to have a truck and a car. Of course at this moment I have 2 cars. Yes, Iím still trying to sell my Grand Am. Dustin was saying that I should take the loss on it because I will be getting my money back plus some with my settlement. I just have to at least get enough to pay my loan off is the main thing.

Ugh!!! I know, I have just been changing subjectsí left and right here. Sorry about that. My brain just feels so fried and I have a migraine from hell coming onÖI just need to go home and lay down for a bit. Ugh. Well, I better get going. Blessed Be!!!

Much Love~