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Weekly Rambling...

Monday, Aug. 01, 2005 @ 4:55 a.m.

Once again it’s Monday…Don’t you ever feel that as we go through each day that Mondays seem to be a boring repetitive thing when you do the same thing week after week on Mondays? I mean, the rest of the week is always different each day but Monday just seems to be a repeat. Ugh!

I hope that everyone had a good weekend. My weekend was good, nice and relaxing. Dan and I went to the drive in movies on Saturday, watched Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Fantastic 4. They were both great movies. Dan was sick all week and I had a very busy week as well as working on Saturday so the movies was a nice treat for us.

Yep, I had to work Saturday. Since I’m the administrator for one of the programs that we are upgrading, I had to go in and do some testing before we can go live on it. Steve (my boss), Dan (one of the LAN Admins) and myself went in. We had fun; we made it a fun time at least. Just for coming in Steve gave Dan and I some gift cards for the Corner Bakery, they have some really good food there, but a bit expensive. But the card will be good for one of my lunches this week, woooohooo!! LOL. And then Steve has for our group each a gift card for Chili’s as well, so we’ll be going as a group this week for that.

Well, update with Deb, Steve had a very long talk with her explaining that there were complaints from management about her of the way she treats me and all as well as letting her know how it was making me feel. Well, for 2 weeks she barely spoke to me and Friday she approached me and tried saying that Steve was only saying that I was the only one bitching…and of course she exaggerated on a few things that Steve “supposedly” said. And said that Steve didn’t say anything of what management said, which I know Steve said something about that. She wanted to blame it all on me. I looked at her and told her what I told Steve, and that she did have management complain but she refused to acknowledge that. So I talked to Steve about it Saturday with Dan there and he was just flabbergasted that she accused me only and asked jokingly where he was that day when saying all that. Dan couldn’t believe it. Steve asked me if things were good between Deb and I and I just looked at him and told him, the way that she has been treating me for the last 2 months have changed A LOT of things. Because what she has done has really hurt my feelings as well as piss me off. I did tell Deb that she did piss me off Thursday, she apologized but still…she really has changed the way I am with her anymore. I’ve discovered how much she is 2-faced and I won’t let her treat me that way again. She had the nerve to tell me that I stabbed her in the back by going to Steve, but hey, when it’s an ongoing thing of treating me like shit, I will say something, I don’t like when people tend to walk all over me. Especially when it comes to my job. It got bad enough that I had to say something and I knew that if I said something to her, she would not have listened.

Anyway, today is another day and I’m sure she’ll be whining some more…and I will tell her from here on out that when she starts acting the way she has been with me I will tell her, and I told Steve that Saturday. My job is important to me and I enjoy it very much and I’m not about to let anyone ruin that for me.

Anyhoo, I hope you guys like my new layout, took me a while. I fixed the problems that I was having that I was stumped on. I’m thinking of adding more to it but not quite sure yet how I want to do it. But this will do for now. :o)

Well, I best get ready for work. Have a wonderful Monday! Blessed Be!!

Much Love~