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Weekend is up again!

2003-10-19 @ 10:17 a.m.

The end of the weekend is coming to a close soon. Once again it's Sunday! Lots to do today. My weekend was good.

Friday Michael and I went out to dinner, he took me to this very nice and elegant chinese restaurant. I can't believe how this boy spoils me. We did have a serious conversation about how we wouldn't fall in love with each other, neither one of us sees it that way towards each other, we were pretty open and honest with each other on that. We do like each other but, we both feel that we would never reach that point with each other. How often does someone have a conversation like that? Usually it's the other way around. He's leaving in June to move back to NY, and so, we both feel that it's safe for both of us to be around each other since we both feel we won't fall in love with each other. He understands that I am still very much in love with Paul and how I am still healing and he reminds me that I'm safe to be with him because I know that I won't fall in love with him and he's safe for when he leaves that it won't be so devistating because he won't be in love with me. Yet we are fond of each other, I think he more than I am. After all that, we went to his place, and with him being a massage therapist, **sigh** I had the most relaxing 3 hour massage and slept so well that night. So well that yesterday morning, wham I'm up at 8 am. Seriously wide awake! That is very unusual for me.

Yesterday, Jenn and I went to the mall and also went and had lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Then we had bowling last night, and we were both basically pushing ourselves to bowl. Including Dan. So, we didn't really do that great. After bowling, Jenn and I just came back to my place and chilled. She surfed on my computer as I just chilled and watched a dvd. We were both just exhausted.

And today, well, as usual, bleh, it's cleaning day! ISH!!! And DJ isn't going to like me very well today because he's getting his wings clipped today and taking a bath. Poor thing is in such a good mood right now, but, he won't be after I do these things to him. He hates it when I go clipping his wings and trimming his little claws. But, it has to be done. hehe.

Well, I better get this stuff done. I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. I have a short week this week, wooohooo! I took Tuesday off as a vacation day. I need a day off so bad! And dammit, I'm taking it. I might change it to Friday though, I have to look at my work load tomorrow and see.

Blessed Be! Have a good week!!