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My Valentine Day

2004-02-14 @ 9:33 p.m.

Well, I've added a guestmap on to my site, so, hopefully, all of you that come and visit my site will go in there and place a pin where you are. I like knowing where in the world everyone is from.

The guestmap I think is just so cool because with everyone going in there and pinning where they are it's really neat to see how many of you are from so many parts of the country, even the world. So, go in there and pin yourself up.

Also, why is it that no one likes signing guestbooks? I think those are great as well. So, come on...sign those too! :o)

Well, I had my root canal this morning, and boy was that fun! But, I do say, the pain pills that they gave me are just AWESOME!!! Much better than Vicodin! This stuff is called Lorcet Plus, and I tell ya, that thing had me knocked on my ass 15 minutes after I took it, and had the deepest sleep I've had forever! I was having lucid dreams, you know, the ones where you're having dreams within a dream. As well as where you think you're awake, yet you're not and can't figure out why you're repeating things. LOL! And I must say, I woke up pain free!!! It was great! Although, it is starting to hurt again, but, I don't want to take it yet because I know I'll be out in 15 minutes. And I thought Percacet and Darvacet were strong! I think this Lorcet Plus just out beat them all!

So, if you ever get a root canal done, surgery, or something drastically painful, this drug is the bomb! That's all I can say about it.

Well, I hope that everyone had a nice Valentine's Day! I spent mine sleeping then went bowling. The best thing today for me was the sleep. I haven't had that much rest in ages!

Happy Valentines Day y'all!

Much Love!!