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Vacation!!! YAY!!!

2004-06-24 @ 12:08 p.m.

I’m so happy that today is my Friday! I need a vacation! Tomorrow is Dan’s birthday and will be 32 years old. It’s also Holleigh’s birthday and she will be 7. Unfortunately I won’t get to see Holleigh. I know that Paul won’t let me see her. If he does I will definitely be shocked, but I know it won’t happen.

For one, Paul is just stuck in his ways of breaking promises of letting me see her, and besides knowing him if I did see him he would be an ass to me like he was before. I hope that she’s thinking about me though. I think about her all the time. And another reason that I won’t see her is because I will be spending the day with Dan. We’ve made plans for tomorrow after we get some stuff done in the morning. I don’t even want to think about what would happen if Paul and Dan met, not worried so much about what Paul would do, because he really can’t do anything or have reason to do anything, but more of what Dan would do. Considering Dan is aware of all the things that Paul did to me physically and emotionally.

It’s amazing that these two guys are both from Wisconsin yet very different from each other. I remember when Paul used to be such a good person inside and out…now, he’s buried that good person so deep that only the bad part of him shows anymore. And it’s sad.

Anyway, both Dan and I took tomorrow off from work so that we can spend his birthday together and do whatever. Our original plan was that we were going to go up to Central City party it up stay the night there, but Saturday morning things need to get done early in the morning. So I don’t think that’s our plan still. I know we are going to go watch a matinee tomorrow have a nice lunch and just whatever comes up. Tonight after Dan and I get off work (he closes and I have to work at the bowling alley) we’ll be starting his little birthday party early since we’ll get to sleep in some tomorrow.

AAAAHHHHH, it will be nice to sleep in…I couldn’t wake up this morning for the life of me and I went to bed early. But I did get to work on time. Which is pretty damn good for me. And I even locked my keys in the house this morning, crawled into my bedroom window (yes, I broke into my own house) and grabbed my keys and left. I couldn’t believe I did that this morning. It was a rough morning for me today. But all in all, I did get here on time and that’s all that matters.

Today I smell really good (modest, I know…hehe) I put on Dan’s deodorant this morning so that I can just smell him all day. Old Spice…**sigh** I can’t wait to see my baby tonight.

I have to admit (changing subject now) I look at some of these medical claims and sometimes some of the stuff that these providers put in the remarks boxes cracks me up. I just got one that says, “how can you deny??? :o(” I guess you would just have to read the whole thing, which I can’t say what it says due to confidentiality but that little question…that’s a new one. I’m sitting here chuckling at it.

It will be nice to be away from work for 3 days. Lord knows I need it! For the last 2 weeks I have been doing work of everyone in my department, yet I’m finishing up my things today so that no one will be working on my things tomorrow. I’m just anal about how I want my things done. Plus I know that no one will work on my stuff anyway. Nice, huh? Such teamwork. Ugh!

Speaking of work, I should go and get this all done. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~