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Utter-ly "RUDE" Reviews

2003-08-05 @ 10:22 p.m.

Busy Busy Busy...that's all it was today. And being ill at the same time doesn't help.

Anyway, I have to tell you about this review that I got from Utter-reviews, apparently the girl did not like my diary (before I changed my layout) and was just rude in the review. I have to say that they aren't very nice over there. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I have no problems with that. And of course, I have every right to say what I thought of their review about my diary. So, I sent an e-mail and well things got "stupid". Granted, I was a bit rude, but, I was offended by some things that was said in my review, and I wanted to state my point. Well, there's nothing wrong with that. Well, she wrote back, said her peace, and I wrote back saying mine and then just told her lets drop it and move on, well, I got an e-mail from the owner of the site that was absolutly childish considering the reviewer and I already said our peace. She just wouldn't leave it alone. Below is the e-mails that went back and forth.


I just wanted to let you know that I wasn't impressed with your review. You are the first to even say things to that matter of what you have said. I went and looked at your page, and I must say, your diary is most definitely plain and rude. I have to say that you have much to learn about life if you don't understand or can't even comprehend the things that people go thru in their lives.

And besides, my diary is not something to keep readers deeply interested on a normal basis. I don't write in my diary to impress others, I write in my diary things that I need to release and more for myself, that is what a diary is for someone to express their dilemmas, emotions, etc...not to impress others with what you write. And as for writing better, I have some of my work published, so, I would just stick that one where the sun doesn't shine. Your whole review was utterly rude. You yourself have a plain and boring diary, and if I choose to write "lol" or "sux" in my diary I can. There is no rule that I can't write what I want and how I want. And besides, I'm surprised that it was you who reviewed my page considering I requested Christi to do my review.

Anyway, your review sucked and in my opinion, if I was to review you, looking at your page you would probably get the same remarks considering the fact that it's plain, boring and in your entries you are very rude and bitchy. You still have a lot to learn about life little girl.

Nine from Utter Reviews...

I'm sorry that you didn't get the reviewer that you requested. When a reviewer (like Christi) has a lot of reviews pending, Mandy will often assign another reviewer to review some other sites, so that people who have requested such reviews don't have to wait forever to get them. That's why they are called "requests" not "demands."

And I'm sorry that you didn't like the review that you got. I did my best to give an honest, thorough review. If I came off as insulting, rather than just plain honest, I apologize profusely. I don't take back my words, though, because they're opinion, and I have my right to them.

Honestly, though, if you really think that you don't keep your diary for anyone else, you're just kidding yourself. All of us on diaryland and diary-x and blogger and livejournal keep our diaries for other people...otherwise they wouldn't be online. And if you really kept it for just yourself, you wouldn't be asking to be reviewed.

On a more personal note, I find it funny that you are the one telling me to grow up, when you went straight for a personal attack on me. I didn't ask you or anybody to review my diary, which is the big difference between us.

Furthermore, I don't claim to know anything about life; if anything, I feel that is conveyed by my diary. If I had asked you to review my diary, I might actually be bothered by your opinion.

Sorry, that was rude of me.

Anyway, you can always re-apply to be reviewed (by Christi or anyone else) after you've written at least five more entries.

Take care,



I'm not saying to take back your words because I know that it is your opinion, and everyone is entitled to their opinion. I don't disrespect your opinion in any way, I'm just saying that the way you expressed them were very rude.

I did not say that I keep my diary for anyone else. Everyone writes their diaries for themselves, they put them online knowing that those that read them are in cyberspace and is comfortable opening up themselves to that. But, when things are written in diaries online or not, it isn't to impress others it is something for them to release the anxieties, events, tragedies, emotions, etc that goes on in their lives. Reviews are not meant to be as harsh as yours came out to be, or insulting to what is written in the diaries and in a round about way telling people that their life is shit. I request reviews so that I can get ideas of what I can do to change my diaries and such and some thoughts that may possibly give me ideas on situations that are written in my diary but, not to make a person seem like their life is worthless or something. I'm a reviewer myself on diaryland, and I'm a very open minded person, if I see or read something I don't like I will be honest, but, not to the point where it would make the person feel like they are nothing or whatever. Do you get my drift?

I'm sorry you didn't like my diary, I'm not offended with your opinions, I'm more offended of the way you chose your words for your opinion. I wasn't attacking you personally, like I said I was offended by your words and how you portrayed your thoughts when you yourself have a plain diary. I was/am bothered by your opinion of my diary.

Look, we're both adults here, we've both said what we needed to say, lets just deal with it and move on.

Have a good one. Take Care!


Mandy from Utter Reviews...

Bleh it's just a damn review. Get over it already. :o( You're damn lucky I didn't review your diary... if you have noticed my reviews, it would have been a lower score than Nine's and a lot more rude & a lot more harsh. Be thankful Nine is a nice person and she reviewed your diary. She doesn't have to take time out of her life to review diaries if she doesn't want to. And I even have people tell me "Please I don't want to review them, I know they requested me..." and then I have to pair them with someone else. If it's such a big deal, and it bugs you so much- just don't request reviews from ANY review place that is going to be honest. There are plenty of places that will kiss your ass :o)

PS- lets just deal with it and move on, k?


Me: (My last e-mail)

I've already dealt with it and moved on. My gawd, leave it alone already! Did you not read what I said at the bottom of my last response? "Look, we're both adults here, we've both said what we needed to say, lets just deal with it and move on." And I meant that. There's no need to be so damn childish and annoying. Like I said, I'm a reviewer myself on diaryland so, just leave it alone already. It's not a big deal. I have a right to say what I want in response to my review and so did Nine, we both said it, now let it go. If I would have known that I was going to deal with childish reviewers I wouldn't have requested one from your review site.

So, just leave it be, it's done and over with. Oh, and maybe you should read my response to nine more carefully, I didn't tell her that I disrespect her opinion.


Mandy-Utter Reviews/Owner

Then move on. Stop trying to get the last word in. Move on, grow up, dammit. I've already moved on, sound familiar? Thank you. And the whole "I'm a reviewer" doesn't happen to be a good excuse anymore, try a new one next time you're writing a complaint to a reviewer who takes the time to write back. As well as the OWNER. Thank you. -Mandy-

Now this is just rediculous for a review site to bite back like this when all I was doing was responding to how I felt about my review. Apparently, they wanted the last word, so, I will be kind enough to do that for them.

Anyway, it's done and over with. I think it is just too funny now. I just feel that their reviewers are pretty childish after this episode. I definitly won't go back there or even refer anyone over there. I'm a reviewer myself for Rare Silk and if someone doesn't like the review that I gave them I would like them to tell me. Doing a review you can be honest, but, there is no reason to be rude if you aren't impress with their diary. Be one is perfect, not even the reviewers. There's no reason to be rude or harsh. Everyone puts a lot of work into their diary, no one is better than the other.

Anyway, enough of that. There's no reason for me to stoop down to their level. I've said my peace about it and it's done and over with.

It is getting late and I have to get up so early...ugh. I am so swamped with work and then within a week or so we will be moving our desks, its just a madhouse right now. Although, I must say, my committee meeting today for my newsletter that I have decided to create for our office went very well today. I can't wait till the first one goes to print. All of management is looking forward to it. WOOOOOHOOOOO!!!!

Ciao for now babes!

Blessed Be!!