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Just some updates...

2004-09-11 @ 10:05 a.m.

Well folks, I havenít updated in a while so I thought I better do that. Things have been pretty hectic lately with the car accident issue and all. The insurance company ripped me off so my lawyers are all over that and so for the mean time I am now paying 2 car loans. Yep, I said 2. I went back last week to Montana and got another vehicle and was planning on paying on my Pontiac off with the money from the insurance company and well that didnít seem to happen. The insurance shorted me so my lawyers are trying to get that all squared away. But I did manage to get a new car with cheaper payments, which helps a lot. So I got a nice 2001 Chevy Lumina. It hasnít quite grown on me yet because Iím so hooked on my Pontiac. I did have a new cd player put in that my uncle in Texas gave me, itís actually a really nice cd player and had tinted the windows on the new car at no cost, my buddy Mac whom I bought the car from did that all for me. Heís awesome; he always takes care of me when it comes to my vehicles. So the CD player thatís in my Grand Am will be going to Jenn as a belated birthday present, sheís all happy about it.

Dan and I are thinking about keeping the Grand Am and getting it fixed eventually here soon so that we have 2 vehicles (well, Iíll have 2 vehicles). Eventually I might sell it, but not sure yet. I love that car too much. Iím still pissed off about the accident, and my lawyers are doing an excellent job on all of this. I didnít get the same lawyers as before because the other one that I used really sucked ass.

Anyhoo, I got myself a new flat panel 17Ē monitor, this thing is so much nicer than your basic monitor. I got the slim ones and the color on this thing is just awesome!!

Dan and I went to Central City last weekend and we lost horriblyÖugh! We lost $500.00; it just wasnít our day I guess. Dan keeps saying, ďWeíre such losers!!! LITERALLY!Ē we have never lost that much before. I was kicking ass on the black jack table but then each time they change the dealer I would lose, then win then lose, it was a yo yo, so I gave up and we went on to another casino. We were casino hopping all day but it was nice to get away from the city, thatís for sure.

The other night Dan and I went shopping, yes I said shopping! Itís nice to have a boyfriend that likes to shop as much as me and gets drained at the same time. Wednesday we were on the hunt for my new monitor and Thursday, well, we went clothes shopping. It was nice; heís not like your typical guy that hates shopping so much we actually shopped together, we didnít go our separate ways like most guys like to do.

I ordered Danís Christmas present last week online and it came in yesterday. Itís actually pretty nice and I know that he will love it. I donít want to say what it is because I know occasionally Dan reads my diary so I donít want him to find out what it is. But, when the time comes, Iíll let it out of the bag.

Dan and I have a great relationship and thereís more that I want, but Iím just too afraid or I should say shy to even say what it is to him. I think he knows though I mean weíve talked about it occasionally but itís never been said if itís definite or if it will actually happen. But who knowsÖ.heís still a mystery to me sometimes and thereís so much I want to talk to him about but itís just not the time, I figured the things will be brought up in time, thereís no reason to rush I guess. Although I donít see it as a rush anymore and Iím sure that he doesnít either but I know that if he does read this, heíll know what Iím talking about. I guess Iím just not ready to even really talk about it on here. And when I am, it will be a locked entry. But for now, things are all good and I know that they will be for a long time, we both know that.

Tuesday one of my best friends I've known since my freshmen year passed away. My mom called to tell me before it hit the papers and well it wasn't an easy thing to swallow. I sent flowers to the funeral home Thursday and his funeral is today.

Well, I should go for now, I have so much to do today and little time to do it since I will be seeing Dan tonight I need to get these things done before I see him. Have a wonderful weekend!!! Blessed Be!

Much Love~