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2003-08-18 @ 11:22 p.m.

Monday...your typical work day...blah! I hate Mondays! (I know, I've said it millions of times) but, today wasn't too bad I guess. I got to get off early...but, only to go to the dentist. What joy! NOT!

Kevin was cranky this morning until he finally had his coffee. Maybe he should have some coffee before coming to work too, heehee...just kidding Big K!

Well, the weekend was a busy one. Jenn and I went shopping both Saturday and Sunday. I just needed to be outside. Why does EVERYONE have to be at the stores at the same time? It seemed like every store we went to all of Denver was there!

Anyway, I was reviewing diaries as well this weekend and I found a great link, fotolog and I have to say, I am addicted! Now you'll be able to see pictures of some of those that I talk about in my entries. But, this thing is great for showing off your photos and to share with everyone! I love it!

Jenn and I watched Message In A Bottle tonight (for the hundredth time!) and we haven't seen it in a while. Well, needless to say, we were both just crying our eyes out. I hate the ending where he dies, that's where most of the tears start! **sigh** It sure made me think about a lot of things with Paul and Kyle. Mainly Kyle I guess. Especially the part where she walks away. Anywhoo...I don't want to get all sappy. Not today anyway.

Well, it's late, and I didn't get any sleep whatsoever last night. And I'm just realizing, this entry is kinda boring because all I'm doing is blabbing away! So, I better get off of here and hit the sack!

Night Babes!

Blessed Be!!