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Walking Down a Tunnel of Light

2003-09-29 @ 7:31 p.m.

I started my journey to find out what was right.

The walls of my tunnel so bare, so bland.

I took my first drink, my paint brush in hand.

At last I saw color, so bright but so small,

I love that mark, my mark on the wall.

I kept marking marks again and again.

With pot in my lungs, the light was getting thin.

All of a sudden in my joyful bliss,

I opened my eyes to find something amiss.

Those lines had gotten longer, darker in fact.

I couldn't believe it! My tunnel was black!

I screamed for help, can't anyone hear?

The people tried, but they couldn't get near.

The walls I built were much to strong,

There was nothing, all hope was gone.

I was a fool, why did I fight?

Didn't I know, there's no life without light?

But wait, there was still hope,

So in a mad frenzy, I started to grope.

There was a window, I knew it was there,

My chance was slim, but I didn't care.

I started searching every inch, every inch on the wall.

I knew in my heart my window was small.

At last I had found it, I was filled with joy,

But in order to open it, I must throw down my toys.

What? No more color? Nothing at all?

What will I look at, just blank walls?

It was a tough decision, but it was made,

I took all my toys and threw them away.

I pushed on the window with all of my might,

I knew that to live I must have the light.

The light I had yearned.

And I'll never forget what I have learned.

Again my tunnel is filled with light,

I know now which path is right.


I wrote this three years ago and finally decided to post it. I hope you like it.

Blessed Be!!