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Tsunami-Wave of Destruction

2004-12-29 @ 10:35 p.m.

I just got done watching Tsunami-Wave of Destruction on ABC. It hurts me to see everything that has happened there and my heart goes out to all those families that were there in all the islands that were hit. It just breaks my heart.

Iíve been in typhoons when I lived in Guam, in floods caused by monsoon rains when I was in the Philippines, and snow blizzards living both in Montana and here. But in all the typhoons that I have been in growing up in Guam is nothing compared to what has recently happened in the islands.

Tomorrow I will be calling the Red Cross to see if they are taking blood donations and will donate blood for the cause. Actually they just mentioned on the news that on has information of how to help those involved in the Tsunami. I want to do as much as I am able to help those in need. As soon as Iím done with this entry Iíll be reading up on it.

Watching the special that they just showed I couldnít believe how much damage it has caused. Iíve seen the damages that a monsoon and a typhoon can cause and being in the middle of it but I canít imagine the thoughts and feelings that all those involved in the Tsunami are going through. And this is something that I canít just sit and watch and read about the tragedy, I feel that I need to contribute in some way. I know that donating blood may not seem much to people but the way I see it, it may save a life. My blood type is the most common blood type so I know someone will use it and it will help his or her life in some way. I pray that it will save a life.

They showed a girl and her mother that live in Chicago that went back to the islands where they are originally from to visit family and the girl came back to the states with her mother in a coffin. She tried to save her mother who died in her arms for having so much water in her, some came out but not all and she basically drowned and her heart had stopped. Her mother was in her late 30ís. Her story was so tragic I started crying. My heart and prayers go out to her. This is something that she has to live with the rest of her life; I canít even remotely imagine how this will affect her. Or any of the families that are going through this especially those that have family members missing. What truly broke my heart was when they showed a mother crying and screaming holding her baby that was probably not even a year old that died. She refused to let her baby go, and I donít blame her.

They showed rows and rows of bodies lying on the ground. The mortuaries were full and had to lay the bodies outside. People pulling bodies from the waters. There was so much that they showed it just left me in tears. Now they are talking about all the diseases that will become a huge outbreak. Some are already suffering from those diseases and they expect more other types to come.

All I can say is God Bless all those that were involved. My heart and my prayers go out to all. Blessed Be!

Much Love~