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I'm too young!!!!

2004-07-20 @ 8:07 a.m.

Hmmm…how should I even explain about the numbness in my hand? I went to the hospital last night to find out what is going on with the numbness and tingling in my left hand. And of course I sat there for 3 hours…ugh. They did a cat scan on my brain and discovered that I had a small stroke. You know one of those that you didn’t even know that you had. Well that is what caused the situation with my hand and the reason for my right wrist hurting from my body reflexing. But they said that it will go away in time and the feeling will be back soon. Until then I’m supposed to be wearing a sling to keep from moving my arm so much because it’s the ulner nerve that is affecting this. But the stubborn person that I am I refuse to wear it. They also discovered that my blood pressure is pretty high and that I need to get rid of a lot of stress that I carry. Hmmmm…how on earth do I do that?

Anyway that’s my news for the day. Yay…NOT!!! Well, I meet with Steve and Deb today in regards to the Computer Operations position that I know that I have. But I’ll let you know for sure when I find out.

When I was at the hospital last night I ran into an old friend of Jenn’s and mine. Jenn, I ran into Pete Torres….pretty wild. I haven’t seen him in 3 years since Paul and I split and Jenn well she hasn’t seen him since he was fired from LC. He’s doing well for himself.

Well, I guess I should get going for now. I have lots to do today and won’t have time to write later. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~


UPDATE!!!! I am now the new Computer Operations LAN Technician!!! WOOOOHOOOO!!!! (yes, I'm a bit excited) hehe