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Tis the season...

2004-11-24 @ 2:32 p.m.

What an interesting day this has been. Iíve been working on one of the managerís computer all day today as well as yesterday (stayed 2 hours late yesterday working on it) and so it came to be where we have to completely reformat and reinstall everything. UGH! You know, when itís your home computer it isnít so bad because in all honesty there really isnít a lot to reinstall in a home computer compared to an office computer. So that has been my day today besides my arm killing me today.

This morning I called my dad to wish him and mom a happy anniversary and you want to know whatís funny? On a normal basis itís dad who gets the date wrong and mom getting right, well this year it was the opposite. It makes me wonder if mom is losing it because she NEVER forgets anything. NEVER!!! But I figure they canít say I didnít call or anything because Iíve decided to not send the card that I was planning so I just called. Nothing can be held against me for not hearing from me on their anniversary. And of course dad started talking to me like nothing has happened and decided to start looking in E-bay againÖI just sat there and told him I have to go Iím really busy here at work. Hereís the deal, he goes in E-bay, finds something and I have to bid on it and I have to pay for it, granted he sends the money back to me but it takes a while when on e-bay you have a deadline to pay for the merchandise and dad doesnít care that Iím dipping into bill money to take care of these things for him that arenít a necessity. Oh, and of course you know Iíve been getting the silent treatment from them due to money. Well, I asked dad what he got mom for their anniversaryÖlow and behold, he got her a 1 carat diamond ringÖlast year she got a Ĺ carat diamond ring, for Christmas last year she got one of the huge jewelry boxes that is at least 3 feet tall and yes, itís full of jewelry. The last 5 years she tells my dad she wants diamondsÖ. yes, mom loves jewelry, she doesnít wear them all very often I honestly think they are just there for looks for her to look at, but she tells me they are for me and my niece when she passes. Hmmmmmm, she hasnít quite realized yet that Iím not a materialistic person especially jewelry. I have so much jewelry that I donít even wear them except for a ring, necklace and bracelet. I donít even wear my watch as much as I used to. Yes folks my mom is a jewelry lover-there, I said it. But if you see my mom, you would never think that she was. She rarely wears her really nice not everyday jewelry unless she has too and that isnít very often. I know that part of it is because her friends they keep buying and buying jewelry, etc and then they brag to my mom thinking their stuff is better. Its funny because my mom doesnít say anything and doesnít brag about her jewelry but when they do go out and my mom puts her jewelry on they are all jealous and then they start copying herÖitís funny to watch. Because they seriously donít think my mom has anything when in reality she does. I love how she does that with them because she just laughs about how they keep bragging and bragging about what they have and they donít realize my mom has out done them long time ago. I guess itís a Filipino thing. Lol.

Well, Dan and I will be spending Thanksgiving together tomorrow and so I will be shopping today. Ugh. The plan was that I was to pick up Dan after work so that we can get this shopping done; well now I guess I will be shopping solo and he will show up later. Why do guys always get out of grocery shopping???? And I have to say, this is just going to be so much fun carrying everything with one hand-good thing that I already have a turkey at the house or else that baby would be sitting in the car until Dan comes homeÖ.lol.

Well, I better get going and repair more PCís. Yes, itís been one of those crazy days. Tis the season for the hackers to hit computers. UGH!!! I had to deal with that this last weekend with my system at home. Sucks ass!!!!

Well, I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday tomorrow and eat lots and sleep lots! Blessed Be!!!

Much Love~