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Worldly Thoughts

2003-04-15 @ 10:31 p.m.

Everyday I get up at 5 am, get ready for work, drive to the train station and take the train to work in downtown Denver. Every morning I sit there and observe everyone around me. I look at their expressions or what they are doing and can figure out most of them, but, not all. Every morning, there are at least 4 or 5 people where I am at that sit there and sleep...I sit there and wonder, what are they dreaming? I watch their head bob up and down, sometimes its funny to watch because they are falling asleep and they try to act like they are awake when actually they aren't. Then there are those that sit there and stare out the window. I wonder what they are thinking about. Maybe they left something on when they left the house, or maybe forgot to tell their kids or spouses something, or maybe thinking what their day lies ahead for them. I saw one person that just kept taking his notebook and pen out of his brief case over and over again, making last notes for a meeting that morning, making a list for certain people to do things. Then, there are those that sit there and chat on their cell phones, some related to work, some talking to their kids, spouses, parents or friends. Yesterday, a lady was sitting there reading the bible. She must have came across something good because I saw her smile as she was reading then referred back to a page that she read a while back, maybe what she was reading referred her to a Psalm that she previously read. She must have known that I was watching thru my sunglasses because she looked up at me and smiled and when we got off the train, she told me to have a wonderful day. Maybe the bible helps her make it thru her day, I don't know, but, she was on there again today reading her bible and she looked up at me again and smiled. Is it a hidden message that someone is looking after me? I don't know. After work, I get back on the train, and there is one girl that is always on the same train as me. I don't get on the train the same time everyday because sometimes I leave work later, but, her and I always manage to be on the same train everyday. One day she was reading a book on how to write your own novel, yesterday she was reading a book titled "Why does my life suck" when she isn't reading a book she is staring out into space, in her own little world, what could she be thinking? Or is she just sitting there in silence in her own mind? Me, I sit there, observe everything and everyone around me, but, not thinking about anything in particular really, not until I get closer to my stop and ready to go home and relax.

It's amazing how there are so many people in this world. Everyone different in their own unique way. It's nice to see that everyone is different. If we were all the same, this would be a dull world.