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I miss my car, my cousin died and my back really hurts!

2004-08-22 @ 6:51 p.m.

A lot has happened lately and I donít know where to start.

Well first off all the crap at work with QC is still going on but is coming to an end soon so that I can concentrate on my own work within my new department.

As for my car accident well, my back is truly messed up and have to go back in to the doctorís office. Itís at the point that on a daily basis itís extremely hard to walk but I push myself as much as possible. I can literally feel it affecting my pelvis horribly and I wouldnít doubt that it messed up my scoliosis more than ever. Iím feeling pain that Iíve never felt before. My insurance company has classified my car totaled. The outer damage was bad but internally was worse. They had reached an amount for bodywork of $7064.77 and the auto body shop stated that as they continue to take my car apart they are finding more damages. My car so far was at an 82% damage rate and kept rising so the insurance company claimed it as totaled. So now I have to get another vehicle. The amount that they will pay me for the car alone is in process right now. I had to sign my car over on Friday for it to go to a salvage yard. And yes I cried, that car was my baby. So once I accept the offer for the car the insurance company will pay my bank loan off and the remainder I will use for bills and down payment for my next vehicle. I have my buddy and personal car dealership owned by Paul McMenamy looking for a vehicle for me. He owns his own dealership and has known me since I was 16 years old and friends of my parents as well. He told me ďwhatever you want I can getĒ so I have him looking for me either a truck (Nissan Frontier or Toyota Tacoma) or a vehicle (Nissan Maxima or Altima and Toyota Camry or Corolla) but I may change my mind and want something else. Heís going to Spokane next week to a car auction and heís always good at getting me what I want. So thatís one thing I am looking forward to be having a new vehicle. But I do still miss very much my Grand Am; it was heartbreaking having to just sign her away.

The same day I signed my car away as I drove off I received a call from Texas about one of my cousins in the Philippines that had passed away from a heart attack in his sleep like my previous cousin. My cousin Vai was 3 years older than me, my previous cousin who passed of the same thing was 8 years younger than me. Jenn was with me when I got the call and made me pull over for her to drive.

These last few weeks have just been going nuts. But hopefully by the week of the 30th I will have a new car. The struggles of the settlement will still be ongoing. My lawyers are doing an excellent job on everything. Iím entitled to a minimum of $25k and that doesnít include all the pain and suffering of it all. Or the fact that my back is all messed up. I have to say though; I donít know how much longer I can handle this back pain that Iím experiencing. It just keeps getting worse day by day. Both Dan and Jenn have been very supportive.

The visit with my parents went well, mom is now talking to me and I didnít get too bad of a lecture as I thought that I would. They will be back here next weekend and Iíll probably be going back with them for a few days to get my new car. Yes Iím buying my car in Montana, which is where I bought my Grand Am as well. Paul ALWAYS gives me a great deal on my car.

So, thatís the scoop on everything that has been going on lately. Like I said, itís just been crazy!!! Blessed Be!

Much Love~