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The Stress of it all...ugh

2004-06-15 @ 12:23 p.m.

Monday night was a chilling night for Dan and I. We both werenít feeling too well so we both just stayed home and didnít see each other last night. We spoke on the phone for a while and we both went to bed early. I did get my house cleaned last night though. It needed it.

Today Iím still not feeling too hip, it more of my stomach and itís the same with Dan, his stomach as well. Itís so strange how we both have similar issues with our stomach. We both donít have the same medical problem with our stomachs but they definitely pretty much react the same. His is a bit worse at times unless mine has hit the bleeding stage.

Anyway, weíll be hanging out tonight which will be nice. Have some dinner and chill, probably play some more XboxÖnot too sure yet. This weekend he wants to take me out to dinner and then weíre going to Dave & Busters and open some cans of whoop assÖ lol.

I know that Dan and I will be going over some paperwork because somehow there has to be an error in this paperwork. So Iím HOPING that we can find it.

Anyway, Iím seriously think that Iím going to move into something cheaper or whatever. Iím finding places that I pay the same as what I am paying yet they are 2 bedrooms rather than one. Or even finding 2 bedrooms that are cheaper than what I am paying!!! I know that Linda wonít be happy if I move because I know she doesnít want me to leave. Sheís expecting me to stay there at least until I buy a house of my own. But, weíll see.

Well, yesterday and today Iíve been doing work of 4 people and busting butt where they are getting done. This should be interesting because Iím doing Amyís work since she isnít here for 2 days and Iím not even remotely behind. Maybe that will actually prove to management that I donít dick around when it comes to work and so I donít even fall behind. Occasionally I have in the past, but now I have such a routine that each week itís earlier and earlier that I am done with my work.

Speaking of work, I better get back to it. Blessed Be!!!

Much Love~