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Surprise, update...

Tuesday, Jun. 21, 2005 @ 7:30 p.m.

Wow! Itís been awhile since Iíve written.

Not too much has been going on. My parents were here this weekend. On their way here the air conditioning belt broke in Wyoming and so they stayed here an extra day to get that fixed. Theyíre on their way to Texas for vacation and will be back here in a couple of weeks and will stay for a week. So anyway, they left this morning for Texas and on their way they had a tire blow out off the pop up trailer that they are hauling with them. They didnít take the mobile home this time since that thing cost so much in gas. So about 2 hours ago they had new tires put on the trailer and are now camping out in Lubbock, Texas. They will head out early in the morning to head to San Antonio and stay with my relatives there.

We went to the flea market on Sunday, and damn it was hot. I had a heat stroke and suffered a major migraine that night and all day yesterday. Sunday night we went up to Central City and I bought everyone dinner for fatherís day and for Danís birthday since his birthday is next weekend. Yesterday I called in sick since they had to stay an extra day to get the air conditioning belt fixed and so while the truck was in the shop we went shopping all day. And of course it was another hot day. Dan couldnít be with us since he had to work but came over after work last night and stayed over. And I have to say; sneaking sex in when the parents are in the other room is great!

Anyhoo, my parents loved Central City and how itís a ďminiĒ Las Vegas here in Colorado. They want to go back there when they come back in a couple of weeks. Mom bought me a new carpet shampooer. Iíve been wanting one for a while now and they were supposed to give me their other one since they have two but didnít have room in the truck. They also got me a new digital camera along with the docking station with it, which is pretty nice. As well as clothes and stuff. I was never spoiled as a kid but my parents spoil me now. And itís nice to be spoiled when youíre older because you can appreciate it more unlike when youíre a kid. Both my brother and I were never spoiled and Mom and Dad were always strict with us, which was good, or else we wouldnít be as strong as we are today. Nothing against those that were spoiled when they were a kid, but comparing my brother and I to our cousins that were spoiled, if you knew the family you would understand why my brother and I thanked our parents for being strict with us and not spoiling us. Now that we are older we get spoiled. :o)

Well, Iím exhausted and just want to go and take a nap for about an hour, Iím still drained from the heat stroke and all so Iím going to close this entry for now. Iíll try and find more time to keep this updated as best as I can. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~