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Surgery Update

2004-11-20 @ 12:49 p.m.

Well, surgery went well. Iím sore, very sore. I was really groggy yesterday, a little bit better today but could be better. Dan has been taking very good care of me. After the surgery when they finally let me eat something they gave me toast with jelly and never before had I have someone feed it to me and Dan sat there with me in the recovery room and fed the toast to me, it was so sweet. I could have done it myself but I was wrapped under the awesome warm blankets they have at the hospitals. I was freezing and my teeth chattering. Later on Dan told me that it was nice seeing me so cold because heís never seen me so cold because of how much I like it cold. And that it was nice feeding the toast to me and taking care of me.

The nurses explained to Dan everything about what needed to be done, things like when to take my meds etc, how things went in surgery and how they had to give me double dosage of anesthetic and how it paralyzed my diaphragm for a while. When my diaphragm feeling came back I was having a major asthma attack and so Dan made sure that he had my inhaler for me which was a good thing that he didnít listen to me because I had told him before the surgery that I wouldnít need it (I had left it in the car) but during the surgery he had went out to the car and grabbed it anyway. The doctor told Dan and I that my nerve was pinched in an hourglass style and thatís why none of the treatment previously done worked. But hopefully it should be fine once itís healed. I got back for the follow-up on November 29th.

When we left the hospital Dan pulled up to the door with my car so that I didnít have to walk across the parking lot. We went to Safeway and while I waited in the car Dan went and got my pain meds and did some grocery shopping for us. When we got home, Dan took such good care of me it was nice. I thanked him so many times and told him that no one has ever done this for me. No one has ever taken care of me like this before. And that I do truly appreciate it. Seriously, no one ever has done this for me. As the saying goes donít take the little things for granted because the little things are the BIG things in life.

The way Dan took care of me just made me love him even more than I do now. He means the world to me and is very important to me in my life and I do hope that he realizes that. I really think that he does though, knows that I feel that way about him. Dan told me that he wants to take care of me and that he doesn't mind at all. I'll be taking care of him next month when he goes in for his surgery.

Linda, my landlord, good friend and 2nd mom called to make sure that I was ok, and for those of you wondering, my parents have not called to see how things went nor did they call yesterday to talk to me before going in. I feel more hurt than anything right now about all of it. It sucks. But honestly it was to be expected, it just still hurts deeply.

Well, my meds are about to knock my ass out again and Iím still sore and groggy so I better go and chill. I thought I would get you updated. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~