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Stupid People!!!

2004-08-11 @ 9:45 p.m.

Ok, so the last 3 weeks has just been hell. For one all this training that I had to do with QC and itís semi over with. Still doing some for them but not too bad. And doing my own training in my new department and my boss is pretty impressed that Iím picking it up so well. So thatís cool.

Although I did have a shitty day yesterday. Iím driving home from work looking forward to taking a nap and Iím stopped at the red light about 5-6 cars back. I looked in my rear view mirror and I see this Jeep Cherokee just hauling ass so I gripped my steering wheel and made sure I was securely on my brakes and starting yelling in my car ďoh God, oh shit sheís gonna hit me sheís gonna hit me!!!Ē and next thing I know I hear a screech and WHAM the lady hits me. She literally broke my bumper on my car, I canít open the trunk and the side of my bumper attached to each side of the car just came right off the frame. And my car isnít running right. She tells the officer 3 different stories of what she did and didnít see and received a ticket. So when I was able to leave, I call her insurance company as Iím driving to take my car to the auto body shop they give me a claim number and I give the information to the auto body shop.

Enterprise rent a car comes to get me so that I can get a rental car, well, I had to pay a $250.00 (which is my car payment for this month) deposit and they give me a 2003 Dodge Neon-silver. I leave to go home and discover that the brakes squeak and the front-end shakes, and itís extremely irritating. So this morning I called Enterprise, explained to them about the brakes and the shaking so they say to come on in and exchange it for a different one. I go in there on my way to my drís appointment and they give me a 2004 Dodge Stratus-deep purple. I have to say itís a pretty nice car much nicer than the Neon thatís for sure!!!

So to continue on, this morning I call that ladyís insurance company and what do I find out? The bitch isnít insured! She was cancelled on May 15th and has not reinstated her insurance. This just really pissed me off, here I am driving a rental that I have to pay for now, and challenging her on what she is going to do about this. All I have to say is that sheís not going to get away with this at all. I called the police department to inform them that her insurance was no good that she didn't have any and so they will be citing her with a no insurance ticket and I'm sure she'll probably get in trouble for lying to them as well. And I found out this evening that if you are caught in the state of Colorado with no insurance you get a $1000.00 fine and you go to jail. The length of time I don't know. Anyway...

So, I go to the doctor this afternoon and he says that the muscles in my neck, shoulders, and back is bruised and some are torn. He pressed on my spine checking my vertebraeís and the top three are pretty sore especially the third one that burned when he touched it. And he didnít touch it very hard. So now Iím on anti-inflammatory meds and Valium for muscle relaxers. So aside from the auto accident, since I was there seeing him anyway I was supposed to go in on Friday in regards to the numbness in my fingers and my hand for a follow up from the stroke that I had and well, this tops things off, I have to get surgery on my arm to release the pressure so that the feeling will come back in my hand.

Ugh!!! This shit needs to stop; I donít know how much longer I can handle all this stress. Iím glad that Dan is such a positive person. I spoke to him tonight and just finally broke down in tears. I just couldnít hold it in anymore.

Anyway, Iím going to go and just lay down and go to bed, itís been hell and I just need to try and get some sleep since I didnít get any last night. Blessed Be!

Much Love~