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Shitty Friday

2004-02-20 @ 5:59 p.m.

Ugh!!! This day just really sucked ass from the moment that I woke this morning.

I had my yearly physical this morning, and although they are to only last for 30 minutes for the appointment, today was not that. Let's see, my appointment was at 8 am this morning, I showed up at 7:30 so that I can update my insurance info for this year. So, I sat in the waiting room till 8:30, then they brought me to the examining room at 8:35. 9:00 rolls around and I have a meeting at work at 9:30, so, at 9, I call my boss to inform them I won't be making it to the meeting, I'm still waiting for the Dr, so that was taken care of. Well, here I am sitting there just really getting pissed off, debating about changing Dr's because I run into this all the time in there, but, not as bad as I did today. But, yet, you ever notice, if you're running late, they cancel you and make you reschedule! What's up with that? So, anyway, my Dr comes in at 9:20, she walks in, I'm sitting there with my arms crossed and a pissed off look on my face. I get no apologies for the hour and a half delay, nothing. But, I did get my ass kissed! And since she had a couple of cancellations, she decided she wanted to keep me longer. So, we get things taken care of for my physical, I asked all the questions I needed to ask, etc. So, then she decides to do my pap smear, and you know, everything about my Endometriosis, everything is in my chart. My hysterectomy I had done 9 years ago, everything. So, anyway, as she's doing my pap smear she sits there and says, "I can't seem to find your cervix, it must have tucked itself somewhere in there" I was like-and I told her this by the way..."ummm, you won't find my cervix, or my ovaries because due to my Endometriosis I had to get a total hysterectomy done because I was bleeding internally and dying" and she says, "oh, that's right, guess that explains why I can't find it, guess we're done here." DUH!!! My Dr is supposed to know these things, that's why they have our medical history right there in the chart that they hold in their hands. Here I was, I had to fast because of all the blood work that they had to do, so, here I was I haven't eaten since 6:00 pm yesterday, I was having a MAJOR headache, I was irritated and pissed. THEN...the fact that when they were drawing my blood, they couldn't find my veins! They KNOW it's difficult to find in my arms. So, anyway, I get to work at 11:30, I have completely fell behind on my schedule for the whole day, and so my work was a bit behind, then we had a little baby shower for Steph, there's another hour out of my day. After the baby shower, the system goes down.

I jammed my thumb so hard today that it wouldn't stop bleeding under the nail. And on Monday, I go in for some minor surgery for my stomach, sinuses and my esophagus because of all the bleeding in my stomach and vomiting blood and not holding anything down.

I'm told that I have to have someone pick me up on Monday because I won't be able to drive home due to the anesthetic, that I would be done by 4:00 pm, and of course, there is no one to pick me up, so I asked Jenn if she could get off work early, and she said she probably could but, won't be there at 4 to get me. So, I don't know, I really don't. Because I don't want to sit there longer than I have to when I'm done. And I'm not taking the bus home after surgery. So, I have the whole weekend to figure this one out.

Ugh!!! I'll say it again, this day sucked!!! I am so sick and tired of waiting for people...especially today...fuck!!!

And tonight Jenn, Jamie and I will be going out on a so called "stake out" thing, long story...but, Jenn and I are doing this for Jamie. So, I better go and get ready.

Much Love...