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Shit Happens I Guess....

Friday, Mar. 04, 2005 @ 9:43 a.m.

Yay! Itís finally Friday. Iíve been feeling horrible all week. Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday Iíve had so much pressure on my forehead and yesterday and this morning I woke up feeling like shit.

Yesterday Deb and I went to lunch at the Broker and had this yummy shrimp type pastry, but oh my gawd! I bloated right away, literally feeling my skin stretching on my legs, by around 2 pm my stomach was starting to burn, and the burning was just getting worse. Last night Dan made me some dinner and was tending to me because I was hurting so bad. After I ate the burning calmed down some for about an hour but by the time we went to bed at 10 pm my stomach started burning again and continued to do so all night. I woke up this morning bloated so bad that my whole body including my face was so swollen. Weíre not talking your basic bloating either. So, I took my high blood pressure medicine because that was high as well as the fact that those pills help with water retention as well and now my body is slowly, very slowly calming down. Lunch was a bit salty yesterday but I didnít realize how much or either that there was something in there that I got an allergic reaction to. I donít know. But now I just feel drained. Iím debating about going home early today but not sure yet. I want to see how I feel by lunchtime.

I HATE AOL!!! You know how many times Iíve had to call to cancel? 3 times! They donít get it do they? And each one keeps telling me to call back by March 10. I try and they still donít get it. And the guy I talked to today was trying to give me advice, I was like, ďdude, I didnít ask you for advice, Iím telling you to cancel it, to make sure that it has been cancelledĒ and he keeps going on and on, and I said ďlook, Iím a computer tech, I donít need your advice on protection on my pc or information about your broadband crap, anything, JUST CANCEL IT! MAKE SURE ITíS CANCELLED! I DONíT WANT TO HAVE TO CALL YOU GUYS AGAIN!!!!Ē Yes, I was pissed. How difficult is it to just say, ďcancel my accountĒ the first time you call? I called in January, they still billed my credit card in February for March, I called and told them I called to cancel in January and that there should not be any charges, well, low and behold they had another charge on there, I was ticked, cancelled again, he credited my account for one billing and says call back before March 10 to cancel, Iím like WHAT??!! I want it cancelled NOW! He still tells me to call in March, so, I call today, and I pretty much go through the same thing! AOL SUCKS!!!!! I HATE AOL!!!

And did I mention that I got ripped on my quarterly incentive? I discovered that today!

UGH!!! Yes, Iím cranky today, can you tell? Iím wondering if it is wise for me to go homeÖwith feeling like shit, being bitchy, feeling uncomfortable with my body being bloated so much, my head pounding, I should get out of here for the day. Iím sure no one really wants to be around me today, hell; I donít want to be around me todayÖunfortunately I can fix that one. Well, just got done doing my timesheet and I guess I will stay throughout the day, Iíll just hide in my office. I need the overtime and if I go home Iíll lose my overtime for this week so I better stay and suffer. After work Iíll just go home and sleep until I have to pick up Dan tonight. At least my stomach isnít burning anymore.

Well, I suppose I better get some work done even though I just donít want to be here today. UGH!!! Sorry you have to read about my shitty mood and all. Blessed BeÖ

Much Love~