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Selfish Week...

2004-04-01 @ 3:11 p.m.

Can I just say that my dad is soooooo goofy!!! I love my dadÖand yes, Iím daddyís girl! He spoils me whenever he is able and weíre so close that we tell each other everything. I wish it was the same with my mom, but itís my brother thatís mommaís boy. But, things are better with her and I now than what it used to be. So thatís a good thing. Our personalities have always clashed with each other my dad says heís amazed by how much I am like my mother yet the difference is I know how to chill my temper and donít fret as much as her and I know the difference of calming my stress than she does. Although it has taken me many years to figure that one out. And I think itís because the way Iíve seen Mom handle hers I know what NOT to do. Sheís just older fashioned and itís her old Filipino ways. Mine are the new Filipino ways. Heehee

Anyway, I get on the elevator to come in to work, I pull out my cell phone to look at the time and I see that I had a missed call, it happened to be dad. So, I get in, called him back from my desk and well, heís been surfing E-bay again. Lol. I introduced him to e-bay 2 years ago and he said that since he was waiting for the truck to come into the office he decided to get on E-bay. Here I am the first 45 minutes of my day surfing E-bay with him and watching items, buying items. Dad and I can talk for hours surfing E-bay. Heís like a little kid in a candy store. He loved it that I introduced him to E-bay. If Mom knew that he and I were doing this she would just flip!!! Dad has called 6 times today all concerning E-bay. Momís birthday is at the end of April and Dad said that he bought her a huge diamond ring. Which is cool. Dad said itís really beautiful and that is what she wanted. Well, it is Momís 66th birthday and Dadís will be in August and heíll be 57. Yes, Dad is 9 years younger than Mom. But, they look so cute together. Lol.

Anyway, I so wish that I were a morning person during the week. Apparently I am on the weekends. Whatís wrong with this picture? I just hate the fact that I have such a hard time waking in the morning for work. I guess it doesnít help that I play games online at night and by the time Iím ready to go to bed itís so late.

Again today, just now, as Iím working away, I can all of a sudden smell Danís cloves cigarettes. The palm of my hand is hurting horribly and I donít know why. Did he hurt his hand or is it just me that my hand hurts. HmmmmÖstrange.

Alas, my work is done for the week, so, basically sitting here making myself look like Iím working just so that everyone will leave me alone today and tomorrow. I know, a bit selfish of me but, this week a few of them well, technically one person-the one who is behind really ticked me off so, I just donít feel like helping her out this week, like I said, Iím being selfish this week. And that doesnít happen very often Iím always ALWAYS helping them. But, I receive nothing in returnÖso, this week, no help from me. I know Iím being a bitch. Must be sometimes to keep my sanity.

Much Love~