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2004-12-13 @ 5:29 p.m.

Today I received the letter to look over for the demand of my settlement from my car accident. I was in shock because it was less then it should have been and so much stuff was left out. So I did some revisions to it, explained what all was missing in there, changed the amount to what I expected and it’s a bit high but I know the insurance company will negotiate it anyway. My lawyer was out of the office today on a trial so I had to send it back to the paralegal so my lawyer will look at my revisions tomorrow and tell me what she thinks. Besides it wouldn’t only be beneficial to me it will to them also when they get their cut. So I guess we’ll see tomorrow what she says.

After I saw what they had down originally, I figured out their cut and what I needed to pay and take care of and after figuring it all out it wasn’t enough. Especially with all the stress and problems this accident has caused. And what my lawyers put on my demand letter isn’t even remotely close to curing this stress. These last four months have just been a living hell with everything.

There’s just so much stuff that I have to take care of that has fallen behind or that I had to cut out of my regular expenses which are things that I must have or must pay but for now, I can’t afford to pay it so I had to cut it out of my budget temporarily. And Dan has been helping me so much these last four months I think I would have lost my sanity if it weren’t for him.

I’m praying that the insurance will give me what I am asking and just get this whole thing taken care of once and for all. So think positive for me and hopefully it will all work out and with enough positive thinking hopefully someone will be listening. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~