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I'm back again....**sigh**

2004-07-07 @ 2:10 p.m.

Well hello everyone!!! Yes, I know, it’s been awhile since I have written. Since the day before Dan’s birthday as a matter a fact! Lol. A lot has happened I guess…or not. I’ve been so busy with work work work that it’s starting to fry my brain!!!

Hmmm, lets see…I need to go as far back as July 25th, which I may remind you was both Dan and Holleigh’s birthday. I sent Holleigh a birthday card but of course I never heard anything back from Paul so I am going to assume that she did receive it or at least that he gave it to her.

For Dan’s birthday I gave him a Zippo lighter with the Colorado Avalanche on one side and I had a little message engraved on the back to him from me. (Not going into detail…lol). And we had a nice dinner, had a few beers. During the day we went and got some things done since we both took the day off to be together for his birthday and we had a good time doing things outside and we rented some movies for the evening as well. So his birthday went very well. We definitely partied the night before.

Hmmmm lets see, what else has been going on. Well Dan has been working a lot of nights and I’ve been just swamped with work, doing everyone else’s job because either they decided to take vacation or called in sick, or both…in Matt’s case! Can you believe he didn’t even have the nerve to thank me? And considering that he called in sick he is to call Kristen and then myself with me being the Sr Specialist…well, he calls Kristen then he calls Amy! Ugh! Sorry but Matt has so became a loser in my book anymore. He’s changed so much since I got him his job here and unfortunately for the worse.

Then there’s this guy that I met online long long time ago but never met him in person and why? Because I definitely WAS NOT interested in him. Well, recently he’s been sending me these e-mails, which really make me uncomfortable as well as pissed off. I showed them to Dan and he was not a happy camper of course, neither was I. Anyway, who cares, right? What matters is that Dan and I both know how healthy our relationship is and always will be, so it’s all good.

Well, I was just informed that I will be moving over to Kevin’s old desk-the supervisor’s desk and that will be for a few weeks until they have fixed all the new cubes. I told Jeanne that I don’t mind keeping the bigger desk and she chuckled and said “enjoy it while you can”. Hehe. Oh, and I did have a talk with Jeanne last week (she’s 2nd in command in our office) and well she is referring me to the Computer Operations and I will be a computer ops person. She was telling me about how this is just the perfect position for me since I want to get into the technical side of computers. So, I’m excited. Wish me luck that I definitely get this….I’ll know within a month is what Jeanne told me today if not sooner. Also, more good news….Dan got a promotion and I’m so proud of him. He’s now one of the top managers of the store and they just tripled his salary. He’s so excited, we both are actually.

We decided on not getting Gordon due to the fact that out of certain types of cats that we are allergic too Gordon happened to be one of them. Dan’s eyes swelled, etc. But Gordon did find a good home.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful 4th of July!!! Dan worked that afternoon then that evening we were partying since we both were off Monday. We partied outside with Mark and Nanette and watch the fireworks throughout the city from our yard. That’s the nice thing about living up in Green Mountain; you can see the whole city of Denver and much more.

Well, I best get going, our systems went down so it gave me some time to write in here today and now that the systems are back up it’s time to get back to work. Blessed Be!

Much Love~