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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2005 @ 9:56 a.m.

So, there’s so much to tell about the previous story. Well, hmmm, where should I start? First off, she was fired and that same evening she called and threatened me, I called the cops, they called her and told her she is not to contact me or Dan or she will be arrested for harassment. Then a couple days later, she called people here at the office spreading nonsense shit around and well, our corporate office security was contacted and she is not to talk to anyone in our office, if she attempts to call, no one is allowed to talk to her or they will get written up, and she is not allowed on our floor or even in the building for that matter or she will be arrested.

She made it worse for herself. Now, I’m constantly getting hang up calls here at work like crazy and it’s starting to get irritating….but, oh well…obviously she has nothing to do with her life.

If you’re all wondering who this is, I have spoke of her in past entries, which is Deb. The one that was having the attitude problem.

Since she was “canned” our department has been working so much better as a team and we’re actually getting things done around here. It’s nice having the office to myself and not listening to her bitch and moans so much about everyone. Like Steve said, she took more smoke breaks then she did working, and I have to completely agree with him. Dan (the one I work with) doesn’t hide in his corner so much anymore and he’s much happier now that she’s gone, we all get along, and we don’t have this “office politics” within our department anymore. We’ve even been complimented by other departments that we are doing so much better as a team. Hmmm…amazing having no bad seed(s) in the group can do to make a working environment much better.

So, all in all, things have been going very well within our department. I still need to clean my office since her and I shared an office, it’s just a matter of finding the time to do it. I’m hoping to start this week.

Oh, did I mention, I had another review last week and went very well. I had "outstanding" and "excellent" all the way through...I'll be getting a nice hefty raise here soon! I'm all excited, this is the 3rd raise this year!!! :o)

Well, that was the outcome of it all and if more happens, I’ll let ya know. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~