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2003-09-02 @ 9:30 p.m.

Well, alas, I am back home from vacation. It was nice to see the rents, but, I am so glad to be back home. The rents spoiled me the whole time I was there, especially mom. I think they are seriously making up for not spoiling me when I was a kid. They were too busy being strict with my brother and I. Back then I hated the fact that they were strict with us, but, as I look at it now, I'm glad that they didn't spoil us when we were kids, it's easier to enjoy the spoiling now. :o) Of course, plus, with other cousins of ours that did get spoiled growing up, some of them just haven't done anything with their lives because they were so spoiled growing up. My brother and I are pretty much the only ones that actually have done something with our lives really.

Anyway, the week at the rents was nice, I did A LOT of work around the house for them and of course, I ended up pulling my back on Saturday which doesn't feel too good right now or since then, especially driving home for 10 hours. UGH!!!

DJ once again has picked up the barking from the dogs at my parents and a few new "songs", well, they are songs to him anyway. Mom has this awesome clock that every hour it plays different music, songs that were actually hits in their day and well, DJ has picked up a few as well as calling the dogs by name. Honestly though, I think I need to get him a girlfriend. As I'm writing this he is staring at himself in the mirror and flirting as well as trying to have nookie with the other bird in the mirror. heehee. He's not even a year old yet...***sigh***

Anyway, I have some unpacking to do and I am EXTREMELY exhausted as well as being in major pain with my back so I am going to have to close for now. Plus, this week I have so much catching up to do around the house, work and of course catching up with my reviews at Rare Silk.

Well, ciao for now babes. Nighty night!!

Blessed Be!