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2004-03-22 @ 7:19 p.m.

Today has just been an exhausting day. I don't really have too much to say today except that I'm tired.

I had to go to the eye dr today because my left eye was so irritated yesterday and still hurts. Found out that I have an ulcer in my eye. It's more of a calcium deposit. And I have to go back in tomorrow morning for them to do a follow up because I have drops that need to get it cleared right away. **sigh** I hate the fact that it ALWAYS happens in my left eye. But, I'll live. :o)

Other than that, not too much going on. Just relaxing tonight, going to finish reading my book. Right now I'm watching Braveheart. Mel Gibson is such a cutie. I spoke to Dan just a little while ago and he was telling me that like me he is still having a grin from ear to ear over our weekend and can't stop thinking about it. We're seeing each other on Wednesday and he said that he has a surprise for me. He won't tell me yet what it is, and he said that he might tell me tomorrow when he calls after work. I'm stumped at what it is. And he talked about taking me to Glenwood Springs for a weekend, that we will be planning that here soon. He's so sweet to me, and he's so adorable. And I love it when he talks French to me. Yes, he can speak french, I don't know what he says until he relates it to me, but, ohhhh, it makes me melt!!! ***sigh***

I still can't stop thinking about my wonderful weekend with Dan. **sigh**

Much Love!