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2004-06-08 @ 1:26 p.m.

Hmmm...My weekend was ok...part of it really sucked ass, Dan and I had to work out some issues...not sure if they are issues on my part or his or both of us but we discussed it all, and it's all good now. But I honestly think it's mostly on my part. I was just so hurt with everything with Paul that I don't want things to fall apart with Dan and I and Dan assured me that it's all-good for us. I guess it's just that fear of getting devastatingly hurt again.

Dan and I talked about eventually living together, house and all. But, that's so far ahead that I'm not going to worry too much about it right now. Right now it's just "talk" for us. Nothing definite.

Friday I finally got an account opened here in Denver for both checking and savings. And pulling my head out of my ass...and my dad says today "it's about time" lol. And well, he's right. And as Dan says it gets better from here.

Well, again last night it was brought up about Dan and I living together. But we haven’t made definite plans. We talked about our future together and spending the rest of our lives together. Marriage wasn’t mentioned, but who knows. We both know how much we make each other happy and want to be together permanently, but like I said, marriage has not been mentioned. We’re taking our relationship one day at a time, which is the best that we can do. And everything has been perfect…we’ve worked out our issues and we both know that communication is a big part of having a beautiful relationship and being honest and faithful with each other and that is what we have.

Anyway, with that I have to get back to work….have lots to do. Blessed Be!!!

Much Love~