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The weekend ramblings

2003-04-28 @ 9:44 p.m.

Once again the weekend has come and gone. Amazing how the weekend always goes much quicker than the weekdays. Although, today went pretty quickly and I have taken 2 vacation days so, I have a short week this week. :o)

This weekend Rue and I went to Boulder for the hell of it and decided to go for a drive thru Central City and Black Hawk and had dinner in Idaho Springs. Rue is such a goof was funny seeing her trying to figure out what road we were to take that was a kind of out of no where route, and of course we're driving thru the mountains, and the road was called Oh My God Rd and trust me...the name fits very very well. But, we had a good time, ate at Beau Jo's then went mini golfing. I've been having the urge lately for mini golf, so, I had to get it out of my system.

Yesterday my eye started feeling a bit irritated and it was 20x worse today...I'm wondering if dust from the dirt road that we drove on got in there when I had my window down or possibly the bits of sand from my exfoliator for my face...everyone kept telling me today that I have pink me, I know what pink eye feels like and this definitly isn't it. So, before going to work in the morning going to go and pay a visit to my eye dr because this is just bugging the shit out of me!

Anyway, both Rue and I decided to take Friday as a vacation day and we're going to spend the day going to Estes Park and also take pictures. We've been meaning to have a pictures day and just never find the time...and well, we're finally going to do it and have fun with it.

I didn't get any sleep last night...(gee, what's new!) When I looked at the clock after tossing and turning so much, my alarm was going to be going off within 1/2 sleep for the wicked...aka ME!!! GRRRRR!!! And to top it off, most of the time when it happens, the next day always seems to be Monday! I HATE MONDAYS!!!! ugh.

Well, I better go and try and get some sleep tonight...

Blessed Be!!