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My Rambles...

2004-03-31 @ 1:10 p.m.

Well, I have to say, Dan staying at my house during the week is a good thing for me to get up on time for work. He didnít stay last night, and once again, I woke up late, but this time I was only 5 minutes late, which isnít too bad. But, I so hate rushing in the morning. Hopefully with the daylight savings time changing this weekend it will help me get up on time again. UghÖwhat a morning. It sucks!

Today Dan took a personal day off to help a friend move so I will be seeing him tonight as we discussed. But, you never know things could change between now and later. But, itís all good. Iím sure that weíll see each other. I have no doubts in my mind.

Today is going to be such a busy day! I spent Monday and Tuesday working on pharmacies due to finding so many errors. Usually I get them done on Mondays but this week has just been a strange week I guess. Itís already Wednesday and still have so much to do. Usually Iím just about done with my stuff for the week by Wednesdays but not this week. Oh wellÖjob security I guess.

Speaking or work, I received a new title yesterday, my job is Quality Control Specialist, but, now itís Quality Control Customer Care Sr. Specialist. Alas I finally made senior level, Iíve been with the company for 3 Ĺ years now but in this office for a year as of today. Not bad I guess, now I just need more pay. Heehee.

Sometimes I wonder about my job, nothing bad of course. Iím just surprised that no one hates me for being so detailed oriented. I mean, my job is to make sure these claims are done right the first time and paid properly and when they arenít then I slam them with the errors which in turn gives them error percentage rates when they are not to go over 2% or the state will fine ($25,000.00 each time) them. Well, the last 2 months Iíve been finding so much, and every week I get dirty looks and ďbitchyĒ attitudes because of their mistakesÖsorry people, just doing my job. Love me or hate me, donít matter to me. I canít choose favorites. No one literally hates me, I get along with everyone I work with and all, they just donít like that I do my job so well I guess. Iím good at what I do. So, today I get a lecture about the keyers from another person that has to rescan these claims again and told her ďhey, this is what I was told, take it up with them, itís new procedures and youíre gonna see that every time I find errors that need corrected for pharmaciesĒ she didnít like that, but, oh wellÖnot my problem once itís out of my hands.

Anyway, I have the part time job at the bowling alley as a bartender and that will start sometime next week. Itís not much, but itís extra cash for me to get things paid. During the summer it will be about 1-3 nights a week and then in the winter it will be more. It will be nice to be getting tips too. Iím excited.

Yesterday Dan had to sit in an all day seminar for work. He wasnít too happy about it when he told me that he has to go do this. But, Iím sure that he survived it ok. Everyone here at work that knows me well and that I work closely with keep asking to see what Dan looks like because I donít have a picture of him on my desk, I told them soonÖDan and I are working on that. They want to know who this mysterious Dan is that has made me feel so happy. They've noticed so many changes in me lately, it's good. :o) I was sitting here working away, and all of a sudden, I smell Dan's cigarettes. Dan smokes cloves and they just smell so good. I wonder if he was thinking about me when I was smelling his cloves earlier??? hmmm. I dunno.

Well, I just ran into someone thatís a blast from my past! Dee, she works here in the same building during the day but, in the evenings she works at this bar that used to be my waterhole when I first moved here, this lady has seen me in tears, on dates, and of course has seen me tumble when Iíve had to much to drink, chased assholes that bothered me away from me. Well, sheís getting married on Saturday and invited Jenn and I to her wedding, which of course will be at the Englenook, my good ole waterhole which is a biker bar. I havenít decided if I want to go or not. I havenít been in there in almost 4 years and there are a few people in there that I care not to see and Iím sure that they will be there. Not quite sure yet. And besides, Saturday is the last night of bowling for this season. Itís time for a break from that finally until next season. Weíll see how things go, I might stop and say hi, but, geez, do I really want to see those I care not to see? Thatís the question. These were my entire bar buddies, they would flip if they saw me. I used to go in there every night, I was such close buddies with the bartenders and everyone that was a regular in there, and believe it or not, I became a regular. Never missed happy hour or went a weekend without going in there. Those were the daysÖ.some days that I care to forget. So, weíll see.

I went outside for lunch, and Iím such a people watcher at times and when I was standing at the hot dog stand I looked over and there was a guy that had his head shaved and the whole thing was tattooed! You would think that had to hurt getting that one done. I mean, it was his whole head that was completely covered with a really cool tattoo. And as I was watching people, itís amazing how it looks like New York here downtown during the lunch hour. And kind of funny how some people are dressed when itís nice out. But, hey, to each their own I guess.

Anyway, once again, Iím writing a book so I better stop here for now and get stuff done.

Much Love~