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Thursday, Aug. 04, 2005 @ 3:39 p.m.

It’s raining today. I love the rain. I just sleep so much better when it’s raining and I just love watching the rain as well. When I watch the rain, I wonder; why are the angels crying today? Are they crying because they are sad or are they crying because they are happy or is it because they know that we need the rain? Many unanswered questions. Today is a good day to either sleep or just sit at the window and watch the rain all day. Me, I would probably do both….but sadly, I must work today. *sigh*

Dan leaves for vacation next week…:o(He and his dad will be driving to Wisconsin to visit his sister and I’ll be babysitting his dog Trudy. She’s such a great dog. She’s nice and mellow and old. It will suck without Dan around but that’s ok, we could all use a break once in a while. In June 2006 I’ll be flying out to Virginia Beach for my niece’s high school graduation. Dan will be going with me on that one. It’s the perfect time for him to meet my brother.

Hard to believe that my niece is graduating! She’s a Christmas baby, born the year I graduated from high school in 1987. She has definitely grown into a beautiful young lady, that’s for sure. She’s always been a cutie with her dimples high up on her cheeks, which she still has to this day. I have pictures of her here at my desk and I get so many compliments about how pretty she is. My brother definitely did well.

Well, I have finally decided on my next tattoo…it is so awesome. Once I have it on I’ll have to show everyone. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~