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Circle of Friends part 2

2004-03-20 @ 9:23 a.m.

Well, things have settled down now. Dan and I had a talk about what we want out of this and things are all good now. We both agreed that if there were any problems, he and I would discuss it. Everyone can express their opinions but, it's Dan and I that would need to settle things.

Matt was having a horrible day yesterday and he just didn't want to see Dan hurt me, and Dan assured him, and myself that it won't happen.

Dan is amazing, he doesn't avoid the serious issues in a relationship, not that we have one at the moment, but, he's open minded like me and is willing to work things out. Unlike Paul, again, who avoids anything that is serious and was always afraid to discuss things. Mind you, I'm not comparing the two, it just amazes me of the differences of the two.

Dan and I plan on spending the day together and the evening and just enjoy ourselves. It will be good for us to spend some quality time alone together and just have fun. We haven't decided yet what we are going to do yet, but, we'll figure it out.

Well, I better get ready for an amazing day with Dan. I'll write more at the end of the weekend.

Much Love,