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Promo Baby!!

2004-12-07 @ 2:01 p.m.

Well, Iím excited. I just got promoted today as a lead for COLD. COLD is a program that we use on a daily basis that is not an easy task. Thereís so much to do in this program. Especially when I have to go into the mainframe of our whole system to pull anything and everything out of there for reports. I was given full LAN Administrator rights as well. Previously it was Nick who was the lead and well, Steve gave it to me and demoted Nick in the position. Nick is now below me position wise rather than above me.

I feel bad for Nick but at the moment so much has been going on that Nick put himself on the managerís shit list. Nick isnít aware yet of the fact that his position is below me now, but Iím sure he will find out soon. He was also removed off the managerís list for our incentive awards that we are getting in a couple of weeks.

Iím excited in regards to my new ďpositionĒ, Steve told me that I have proven myself and that Iím doing such an excellent job. Steve was telling Deb that he feels bad for Nick as well because hereís me the newbie and Iím doing better than Nick. In all aspects, working on computers, getting everything in COLD straightened out and fixing issues on a timely basis, jumping into new tasks, etc. Steve told me that everything that I do is well deserved for making me a lead and that I do such an excellent job.

Letís hope I get an awesome raise because it sure would be nice. And I could really use one. Anyway yesterday my lawyers said that it should be about another week or so until they finally get the paperwork to me for my review and approval and get the negotiations started. I hope it goes quickly and a good size offer. I have so much that I need to catch up and pay off, especially the Pontiac.

Well, I hate to make this short, but I have a meeting to go to. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~