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Particular Person

2003-09-08 @ 5:17 p.m.

I could have just screamed today!!! It was a hectic morning at work today. The "particular person" that I work with can't even get things right. You'll have to excuse me, I'm not usually this rude about anyone, but, this person, ugh, she just can't get anything right! Once again, the report was sent to the state late because she couldn't get her reports right. And it's like this EVERY SINGLE WEEK!!! I was swamped getting reports done myself, and she said that her reports were done and placed them on my desk, it only took me 5 tries to explain to her that they come to me not to Kevin, although, she still kept putting Kevin's name on them. Since I was swamped, I still had a bad feeling that the reports were wrong so I had Jeff take a look at them for me, and sure enough, they were wrong. Jeff explained to her what she needed to correct as well as telling her that she forgot to add quite a few other daily reports to the weekly reports. She "fixed" them and gave them back to me and sure enough, they were still wrong, so I went through them and it was completly way off. Once again, I had to explain to her about the errors and that we still have to count them even if they have been corrected. UGH! She still couldn't figure out how to do all the other reports after I have trained her 2 weeks ago before I went on vacation. She has now been trained twice on everything, and now she will have to be trained some more on other things as well as the reports again. Our main job is claims, and she can't even get those right. She's asking repeatedly questions that she should know by now and asking Matt questions, and Matt just started 3 1/2 weeks ago and she's been working there for 4 months now.

I don't she playing a game with us, playing stupid or is she really stupid? We are all trying to figure that out. Granted, no question is a stupid question, but, in this situation, she can't figure anything out with the job. For 3 months she didn't ask any questions whatsoever, now in the last month or so, she has been asking things that she should know already. The job is NOT that difficult. Then, her damn cell phone...constantly going off. We aren't even allowed to use our cell phone, but, if we do leave it on it has to be on silent or cannot be ringing, and of course, she has the Nextel where it has the 2 way radio, and that beeping gets old after listening to it constantly. And this is another thing that she has been talked to about already, numerous times. Amoung so much other stuff that she has been spoken to about. **sigh**

She needs to figure this shit out, if she can't, she knows where the door is. The stress of it all. We don't have the time to constantly re-train her on a daily basis, we have to do our jobs too. Poor Kevin, when he gets back on Wednesday he is just gonna freak when he hears about everything.

Anyway, I guess I should stop bitching now, I'm sure I've bored you all about it.

Blessed Be!!