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We've been outbid again!

Sunday, Nov. 20, 2005 @ 8:26 a.m.

Hey everyone, and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Update on the house…we didn’t get it. We got outbid again and now the sign is down on the house. Which really sucks. So, we’ll continue to look for another one. We’re both pretty bummed about it but we know we can find another one.

Dan and I watched Harry Potter, Goblet of Fire yesterday. And in my opinion, they did really good keeping it as close to the book as possible. And the graphics in this movie are just amazing. I definitely would love to go and see it again, this time at the IMAX theatre.

A couple of weeks ago I finally broke down and bought a new graphics card for my PC. This thing is sweet! And I can now actually play my RTC3 (Roller Coaster Tycoon 3) game that Dan bought me a year ago when it came out. I couldn’t play it before because of the 3D graphics my graphics card couldn’t handle it. It didn’t have enough memory in the card. When I took the old card out I was thinking that it was only a 16 MB memory in it…well I was wrong, very wrong, it only had 4 MB!!! I couldn’t believe it, it definitely explains a lot because with this new card that I got that has 256 MB of memory it makes a very big difference! Plus, I got the MAD DOG power supply, this baby puts out power!!! My original power supply was only 200 watts and it died, so I pulled the power supply from an old computer to use and well, it was only 90 watts (Jenn, this was in your old Gateway!!) and so when I bought the new graphics card I went ahead and purchased a new power supply, 350 watts, has 3 adjustment settings on how much power I want to put out at a time and when I installed it, I noticed it has pretty purple lights…LOL. Next step, upgrade my memory, get a kick ass motherboard and a kick ass processor….as you can tell, I’m upgrading my PC little by little. LOL.

Well, not too much to discuss really and I have so much to do around the house. Dan and I did some rearranging of the house so that we could use the fireplace this weekend (I previously had the entertainment center blocking the fireplace) and so now, I just have to put everything back into place and get laundry and house cleaning done. So, I better go and get this finished. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~