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On The Edge

2003-10-12 @ 4:51 p.m.

On the edge I face the vast, open sea

The breeze calling out to me

The waves below pound the shore

As my heart explores a new door

A gull flies by and the seals bark

Like this feeling within me you spark

With the wind in my hair another heartbreak I can't bare

And so I live alone

Knowing I'm free my hand reaches to thee,

But really I'm casting stones

I dream of the sea as waves wash over me

Not unlike an infant's first bath

I don't want to awake so reality may take

The dream of you gone is my wraith

Away I turn with the sea at my back

Away to hide the cracks

The armor I've built to protect my heart

I fear you can pull a part

You cannot begin to see this building fear

Nor the effort to hide my tears

So return as I do to this picture of you

And this romance that feels so true