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New Layout once again...

Monday, Jan. 10, 2005 @ 11:20 p.m.

Well, Iíve decided to change my layout. I figured itís a new year itís time for a new layout. Iíve had that last one for quite sometime now so it was due for a change. Youíll have to tell me what you think of it.

Today was a very very irritating day from the moment I woke up. I donít know why I woke up in that mood today but it was a bitch shaking it off. Thatís why I decided to get a new layout. Working on the computer doing something I enjoy just helps me relax more than anything when I get in these kinds of moods. I didnít finally calm down until probably about 3 hours ago when I started working on my layout.

I had to find a new image host to put my pictures considering that my membership here at diaryland is about to expire and I canít quite get my new membership just yet unfortunately that sucks because I really loved my membership. As soon as cash rolls in then Iíll just renew my membership, until then, I have probably about 20 days left. So hey, if you want to get me something for my birthday which is coming up on February 25, that would be awesome!!! (Iím just kidding, you donít have to, and I can wait).

Hopefully tomorrow is a better day. This is a short and sweet entry, itís late and I have to get up early. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~