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2004-04-20 @ 12:31 p.m.

Well, Dan didn't come by last night he messed up the ligaments in his arm Friday night bowling doing reverse spins and throwing the ball between his legs...they had to put a splint on his arm, his thumb was numb and all and he was on perkicet (sp?) so I told him to stay home and get some rest. He was told by the drs no more sports for he won't be playing softball poor baby is hurt. I will be seeing him tonight.

Tonight I will be starting my first evening at the bowling alley. Iíll be working both tonight and tomorrow night. After I get off work from there I will be picking Dan up. Itís been awhile since I have worked 2 jobs back to back. I get off work here at 4 take the bus home and will get to my car by 4:40, run home and change and get grub and head to the bowling alley to start work at 5:30. This is going to be a very very long day. So, weíll see how it all goes. I have no clue how long I will be working tonight. Iím sure that it will probably be for only 4 hours, but weíll see.

I was surprised that I woke up so early this morning. But it was nice not having to rush and nice not to be getting up late since Iím good at that one, thatís for sure. I think that itís starting to catch up with me now. I feel extremely tired. I better get myself some Mountain Dew! I think itís more from listening to calls. Iím done listening to them from the last 2 weeks but, I was asked to listen to a particular one all day due to some errors that I caught on this one person last week which had became a DRASTIC error and a big NO NO! Oh well, itís my job. But, Iím just recording; I canít listen to them because listening to these people talking all day is exhausting! Iím so happy Iím back to my claims; Iíll take these any day over the call center.

Kevin kept teasing me yesterday about Dan and I. He was saying that he should probably get his suit dry cleaned and ready because heíll be attending the wedding of Dan and I here soon and that I should pick my colors now. I just looked at him and laughed. Told him that if we do get to the point of marriage, I highly doubt that it would be in 6 months or if he will even ask me. He chuckled and said ďyeah, sureĒ under his breath and walked away. Heís such a goof, but I love him anyway.

I was outside just a few minutes ago having a cigarette on my lunch break and just saw the group Nikle Creek that is performing at the Paramount tonight. I have no clue I donít think who this group is but they just got into town and staying at the Hyatt right across the street from my office. I wonder if they are any good. If they have any popular hits then I might hear something that is familiar, but at the moment, I have NO CLUE who they are.

Anyway, I guess I better get back to work and try and stay awake. Iím just drained and I shouldnít be. I went to bed at a decent time last night and woke up at a good time-or I should say ON TIME! Although Dan did promise me a wake up call for tomorrow, woooohoooÖwhich means Iím sure that weíll be going to bed late tonight. Heís hoping that I get off work before or at the same time that he does tonight. Iím hoping so too. Iím sure that I will.

Well, off to work! Blessed Be!!!

Much Love~