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Much Better

2003-11-20 @ 7:19 a.m.

Good Morning All!!! Well, so far today I feel much much better than I did yesterday. Although I still need to get my head on straight. I think my good cry to sleep last night helped a great deal. I'm still stressed and all but, my suicidal thoughts have subsided quite a bit. Although, I'm still teary eyed, but, that will pass.

Interesting read what my horoscope is today, and it's so true that I have to figure out which road to take. Here's what it said for today:

This is one of those days when the river forks in several directions and you must decide which way to swim, dear Pisces. Normally this is not too hard - you just go with the flow - but now things are flowing in multiple different directions and you need to figure out which way to go. Stick with the way that seems most natural to you, and remember that whatever choice you make will be the right one.

My horoscope has been saying such similar things the past couple of weeks it's scary. Yet 2 days in a row last weekend I had the same dream about birds and so, I looked up the meaning and well, it's supposed to be a good omen. So, I guess we'll see.

Well, I better get some stuff done, it's going to be a long day...Once again, Matt called in sick. I have to say, I really highly doubt that he will become permanent in this position. **sigh** He knows he's on a thin line right now all because of the fact that he always calls in. Kevin left for London for 2 weeks yesterday afternoon and what does Matt do, he calls in AFTER he promised Kevin that he would be here today. Oh well, his ass, not mine.

Blessed Be!!