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More and More Ramblings...

2004-04-02 @ 3:36 p.m.

Iím in a good mood today. I donít know why, but I am. Maybe itís because I get to see my baby tonight. Dan has to close, but I will be picking him up tonight. I miss him. Iím just all giddy I guess. :o)

ShahÖ.one of my favorite country songs is playing right now. George Strait, I Cross My Heart. **Sigh** I love this song.

Our love is unconditional

We knew it from the start

I can see it in your eyes

You can feel it from my heart>from here on after

Letís stay the way we are right now

And share all the love and laughter

That a lifetime will allow


I cross my heart

And promise to

Give all Iíve got to give

To make all your dreams come true

In all the world

Youíll never find

A love as true as mine

You will always be the miracle

That makes my life complete

And as long as thereís still breath in me

Iíll make yours just as sweet

As we look into the future

Itís as far as we can see

So letís make each tomorrow

Be the best that it can be


And if along the way we find a day

It starts to storm

Youíve got the promise of my love

To keep you warm

Lyrics by George Strait

Very good song!! Makes me think of my best friend Mike in Montana. We used to always dance to this song among others. But, now, I hear this song and I think of Dan. I know, I know!! I sound like a little girl with a crush on a boyÖand hey, thatís good right? If Iím happy and heís happy thatís all that matters. Right? Right! Heehee.

So, anyway, just a little bit ago Jamie and I went on break and they were having test drives for the new Scion vehicles coming out. Itís not too bad, but very roomy. For doing this, we each got a $10.00 gift certificate for the Paramount Cafť (cool restaurant here downtown), a key ring (I got 2) and choice of a ski hat, baseball hat, small backpack or a T-shirt. I almost got the hat because Dan likes to wear baseball hats, but, I liked the t-shirt better, itís a nice deep blue, itís like a surfer t-shirt, I think Dan will like it. If not, then I have myself a t-shirt, but I know that he will like this. The gift certificate is worth the drive for lunch here downtown. It was a fun little adventure for our break.

Ok, so Dad has been calling me most of the day today due to E-bay, and we ended up purchasing at least 3 steins today and still watching and waiting on 6 more. My dad cracks me up. The funniest thing is, he called also earlier to see how to spell my name, and I told him, ďHow long have you been around me?Ē lol I told him that I sure hope that he knows how to spell my last name. He is such a goof but, I love himÖ.

I swear, people are soooooo finicky! Granted Kevin is my main boss, but temporarily we have Kristen filling in because Kevin is filling in another position until we get it filled. And well, I asked Kristen something about a waiver and I was still having doubts, so I asked Kevin, then Kristen calls me over and says ďdonít ask him the same thing you asked meĒ I was like, ok and walked away considering my question wasnít exactly the same! Oh well, screw it. I donít really give a fuck today. It irritated me a bit, but Iím not letting anything get to me today. Itís the weekend. And Iím not going to let something so petty like these ruin my evening and my weekend.

Anyway, alas, the day is almost over and time to get out of here. I just need to clean my Betta tank then Iím outta here. The weather is supposed to get all crappy this weekend, perfect to just stay nice and warm with Dan and cuddle. **Sigh**

Well, have a wonderful weekend to all and Iíll write again soon!

Much Love~