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Monday Monday Monday SUX!!!

2004-04-12 @ 5:50 p.m.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I hate Mondays!!!

Anything and everything that could go wrong went wrong today. I had so much stuff to do which for some reason took longer than usual today and nothing was coming out right.

It's just been one of those days. Now, as for the weekend, it went really well. Dan and I went shopping Friday night then watched some DVD's when we got home and went to bed early (doesn't mean we slept) because he had to work at 6 am, he worked Saturday and we spent all night Saturday talking, watching DVD's, listening to music holding each other and also challenged each other in some online games. We stayed up late, had a few beers, burned some music and slept in (well, if you want to call it sleeping in). Until we went out and then I brought him home on Sunday evening. I won't go in detail about our bedroom adventures. I've decided that it's just all too passionate to even write about. I did have a couple of asthma attacks this weekend and Dan took care of me. (unlike Paul who would get pissed at me) HA!!!

But then today just really sucked ass. I feel like I didn't get anything accomplished today. I was multitasking like crazy, more than usual! It was just a weird and shitty day. The stars must be misaligned or something! The only good thing today is that I got my new DVD's in the mail today! YAY!!! lol.

Well, I have so much stuff to do here in the house before I possibly see Dan tonight, so I better get some grub and get some shit done. Blessed Be!!

Much Love~