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Monday's SUCK ASS!!!

2004-04-05 @ 3:44 p.m.

I canít help but think about how much I love waking up next to Dan. I wish he and I could wake up next to each other every morning. I miss it so much when heís not there with me. When heís there, he gives me a reason to wake up. I love it when Iím asleep and he rolls over, wraps his arms around me and just holds me, gives me kisses on my neck and my bare shoulders. We lay there all cuddled until its time that we have no choice but join the land of the living. On the days that I have to work and he stays with me he always makes sure that I get up on time, as I do him. But, when he isnít there, I still canít seem to get up on time.

Yesterday was as always a wonderful day with us spending the day together. We were going to play Putt-Putt yesterday with it being so nice outside but decided to just stay home as if weíre the only two in the world that exists and challenge each other on computer games all day. We had a very wonderful and relaxing day! I mentioned in my previous entry that he fixed my laptop and it works great! He wrote a couple of little stories on there for me one of them titled Manjuice. (We wonít go there on that story, lol). Dan and I also discovered that we both talk in our sleep, apparently I was talking about Knee boarding and he was talking in his saying that he was thinking about things. Lol, it was funny!

Anyway, sometimes I wonder if Iím getting bored of being in QC. I wish that there were some other positions opened right now. I donít know if Iím getting bored or if itís just that I donít like this office. I donít know. But, Iím leaning more towards that I donít like this office. Thereís so much ďfavoritismĒ itís not even funny. And the way they have some of the management set up around here is just ridiculous! Hereís a good example, Steph is in my department who is on maternity leave right now. Kevin has moved to the Claims supervisor temporarily while Kristen is filling Kevinís spot for QC and Scott, heís basically 2nd in command overall. Now, hereís the kicker. Kevin and Scott are best friends, Kristen and Steph are best friends. Steph and Kevin are good friends and Kristen and Kevin are good friends. Steph is good friends with Scott. As well as Kristen and Scott, they are in a relationship and live together. Kevin, Kristen and Scott are management and Steph is in the QC department. You say something to one person, and all of them know because they all ďhang outĒ. There are more issues in this office, but this one is just the worst of it I think. You would think that the deal with Steph and Kristen is a conflict of interest with Kristen being our temporary QC supervisor with Steph being in the department. Ugh! How lame!!! In my opinion, the whole thing is just wrong. I used to be able to talk to Kevin all the time, but, since he has moved, I really canít, and when I do, I just donít really feel comfortable. Now Matt and I are friends, yet he has become good friends with Steph, things have changed in our friendship dramatically both with Matt and with Steph. So, pretty much throughout the day, I stay at my desk, work away and go home at 4. I donít bother talking to anyone unless I absolutely have to, other than that, if I donít have to then I just hide in my little corner, I chat with Jenn via e-mail throughout the day and whoever else of my friends that write. Or Iím on the phone with my friends that call when Iím not listening and QCíing the call center. It used to be where if I was late or had dr. appointments I would stay and make up the time rather than using my sick or vacation time. But, ever since Kevin and Kristen switched, I donít bother anymore, I just put down my sick or vacation time. I just donít have the ďproblem of not staying lateĒ thing anymore. I donít know. I love my job; donít get me wrong, itís just this office itself I guess. Who knows? And the pay isnít worth staying I guess, not worth working late for it. I do so much here and get paid shit. When I was at the other office I was making much more money, and enjoyed that office much better. I wish I could go back to the other office. I really do.

Anyhoo, Dan had made me a couple of cdís on Saturday. And they are some great cdís. Today is a day that I need to just go and have a beer! This day is over in 20 minutes and Iím ready to get the hell out of here today. I swear there is just way too much damn drama around here in any department. And listening to the call center all day just really sucked ass! And this was only the first day. ISH!!!

Well, I better get going for now, going to see if Dan wants to go have dinner and a beer this evening!!

Much Love~