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Mondays just SUCK!!!

2003-06-16 @ 10:55 a.m.

I said it before, and I'll say it again, I HATE MONDAYS!!! My day started out EXTREMELY crappy!!! First of all, I woke up late! I really think I need to get a new alarm clock or something. I set it for 5 am and well, I got up at 7:20 and I am supposed to be at work at 7:30! Needless to say, I didn't make it in till 8:45, so, unfortunatly, I'll be staying late today to make up for that hour and 15 minutes! Ugh...THEN, I get to work and the other person that is under me, didn't make it in today, so, here I am busting my hump to get what's left in work done so that I can get my report done by 11! Thank goodness I got it in on time, but, she took 2 days off last week, and I had no idea, and so, everything fell behind starting last Thursday! THEN...grrrr...I drove in today because of being late and there is a ticket on my car AGAIN, from the same people that I got a couple weeks ago, I'll be sending in another dispute. So, now, here I am, on lunch, and I'm hoping that the rest of the day will go better. ugh..I soooo hate Mondays! Never fails, you start off running late, and your whole day is just totally messed up!

Well, the weekend was good, got my stuff done at the house and Rue and I went and got Myst III, Exile...pretty good game...although I am stumped at a certain point in the game! Go figure!!!

It's beautiful outside, wish I was out there rather than being in here...but, must work to pay other people...(bills) which suck...but, we all gotta do it. Sometimes I wish I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth where I don't have to worry about anything, but, unfortunatly, I'm not. So, working my ass, I gotta

Well, I guess I should get going, lunch is just about over and I have sooooo much to do since I am short a person. Thank goodness Kevin comes back tomorrow...then I'll be in a better mood...he always has a way of putting me in a good mood. :o)

Well, I'll write more later! Have a great day people, and I hope it's better than mine!!!

Blessed Be!!