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2004-02-11 @ 5:57 p.m.

**Sigh**...I saw my mystery man that I mentioned in my previous entry today. Just seeing him makes my heart race. He and I made eye contact today and smiled to each other. He is so adorable. I must be in love! ha ha!!

As soon as I came back in the office I told Kevin I think I'm in love. He asked me what the guy looked like and I described him from head to toe. **Sigh** Kevin was telling me that I should go up and talk to this guy, but, dammit, I'm too shy when it comes to things like that. Who knows, maybe in due time I'll have the courage to walk up and talk to him.

I told Kevin and Jamie that he probably wouldn't be interested in me. And they both said nonsense! Jamie was telling me, "you're gorgeous and you know it!" and I told her, I think "gorgeous" is a bit far fetched for me. But, Jamie told me that I am a cutie and that I have a wonderful heart for people. And that there should be no reason for him not to get to know me and like me, it's just a matter of he and I actually meeting.

I think he just started working in the building because I haven't seen him around there the whole time I have been at this office, and now, I've seen him 4 times, 3 days in a row. So...hmmmm, ya never know. I've been pretty gutsy lately, so anything can happen I guess.

They announced in a meeting today that there are several new positions opening up in the office, and one of them is a supervisor position that I'm qualified for, which happens to be a higher position than Kevin's I guess. Well, I approached the 3 manager's that will be doing the main hiring and interviewing for the position as well as our account manager and told them that I was interested in the position. And they were impressed that I approached it right away and willing to take over this position. So, we'll see. Within the next 2 weeks is when the challenge happens, and I'm gonna do my best to get this position.

Well, it's snowing out. Downtown wasn't so bad road wise and all the snow, but, as I got closer to home, of course it was worse. It's always worse up here near the foothills than in the city. It's going to be a fun morning tomorrow. Looks like I'll be hitting the sack early just to get up early. I am not a morning person!

Well, tomorrow and Friday and all next week I'll be working 12 hour days again, which is good. It's helping me a lot to get things taken care of that needs to be paid, etc.

Well, I must go and make some dinner and chill and start reading the next Harry Potter-Goblet of Fire.

Nighty Night!

Blessed Be!!

Much Love!