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2004-09-28 @ 2:46 p.m.

This weekend has been MIGRAIN HELL!!! Yes, you heard me right. Friday after work my plan was to work on my computer and my review site, well that didnít happen. I had decided to take an hour nap and then get right to it well, I went and laid down at 6:30 pm and well, I woke up at 6:15 am Saturday morning! YepÖI woke up on Saturday! Went to get Dan to bring him to work and then I went back home my head still hurting and went back to bed for another 4-5 hours. Then went to bed at 9:30 Saturday night, yup Dan and I went to bed at 9:30, oh and we watched the Brady Brady Brady weekend on TVLand. Yes, Iíll admit weíre Brady Bunch Fans! **Grin**

Anyway, Sunday my head really started to pound! I cleaned house, cooked for Dan and I and Dan took my cd player out of my Pontiac so now my Pontiac is now up for sale. We went to bed early Sunday because of work for the next day and my head was throbbing! By Monday morning, I felt like my head was used as a punching bag. I was a hurting unit. So I called in sick at work and slept. Throughout the night and all day yesterday as I was sleeping I kept getting fevers off and on. As well as my phone kept ringingÖugh!

The throbbing head finally calmed down by late yesterday but the fevers continued. I ended up going to bed at 9:45 or so last night and fell asleep watching Lilo and Stitch DVD. I wanted to watch something that I didnít have to think about. Lol. Although today the throbbing has finally subsided but the fevers have not. But Iím sure it will soon.

As soon as I get home today I have to go and work on Lindaís computer in the office and then I will be going to my house and work on mine. Iíll be seeing Dan tonight as well after he gets off work. Heís closing tonight so I wonít see him until 10:00 pm. But itís all-good, gives me a chance to work on my system. If I donít work on that I may be just taking a nap. I wonder if Iím becoming a narcoleptic (not sure of the spelling) you know the thing that makes you extremely exhausted and want to sleep all the time. Eh, I doubt it. Oh well, sleep is good sometimes. Although, over the weekend I had more than enough sleep but I still feel like itís just not enough. When do you know when you have had enough sleep?

Well, I know, this is a pretty boring entry but oh well. Itís all-good! Blessed Be!!

Much Love~