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Lunch with Kyle

2003-07-31 @ 9:06 p.m.

Lunch today with Kyle went very well. We originally was supposed to have lunch at 11 but had to push it to noon since he was still at a job site. We were both nervous seeing each other since it has been awhile. It was wonderful seeing each other again. We caught up on things of what we've been up to, talked about the girls and how they are doing. He was telling me about how the girls have been asking about me. Sammy, the youngest, Kyle said that every time she sees a red car that looks like mine she says "daddy, a Mia's car" she calls me "a Mia" so I joke with her and call her "a Sammy" it's cute. And Jenny, she keeps asking Kyle about coming to my house for all of us to go swimming. Anyway, we move on to discussing things about us, and you can tell that there is so much that we want to tell each other yet both so nervous. He told me that he was a wreck when we couldn't see each other, I told him about how I was as well. One of the things that scares him is the fact that he's so happy when he's with me and finds himself falling in love with me everytime he is with me and he's afraid of getting hurt, and the thing is, he knows that I feel the same way. And we discussed a few of the details of things so, I guess all we can do is see where it goes. We are talking about seeing each other and me seeing the girls this weekend, and I know that all will go well. I once read recently, "Pain is an inherent protective device that nature has given us. Whatever the source or nature of the pain, it is calling, even demanding, your attention. Seeking to understand what it is saying is worthwhile, though not always easy. Among other benefits, it encourages us to learn from our mistakes and to avoid potentially dangerous experiences."

It's amazing how you can have so much feelings for each other, feelings that you've never felt together, falling in love and being truly happy with the one you are falling for. And there is so much that Kyle and I have not even explored together. Is there the possibility that Kyle and I have found our forever soulmates with each other and not even know it? As Jenn says, this chapter is not over yet. All I can say is that I hope the ending ends well and happy!!!

Nite kids!

Blessed Be!!