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Long few days...

2004-04-29 @ 1:30 p.m.

What a way to wake up toÖa Charlie horse in my leg! Ugh!!! I hate those because your leg ends up hurting the rest of the day. And to top that off my alarm didnít go off this morning so I woke up at 6:30 and Iím supposed to be at work at 7:30. So, yeah, I was late, only 15 minutes though which isnít too bad. There were so many idiot drivers this morning. We got some slush and wet snow aka rain and everyone has to drive 10 miles an hour??? Come on people! The roads are wet not slick!!

Anyway, I finally got my new TV last night. Itís so nice to be able to watch TV and not have to wait for it to warm up and even then the screen jumped and the colors were distorted. So, I have a new 13Ē TV in my bedroom and a new 27Ē TV in the living room. The one I really wanted wouldnít fit in my entertainment center but, thatís ok, this one works great and itís kind of a flat screen too, which is nice too.

Dan went to the AVS game with his dad last night. Iím jealous! I went looking for tickets for the next game on May 4 but they are all sold out, which sucks, but of course thatís to be expected for the playoffs. So, Iím hoping to get tickets for the Fleetwood Mac concert in July. It goes on sale tomorrow.

Ugh! I am just so tired today. I donít know if itís because of the weather or Iím just drained. The last few days have been just a mad house here at work. And it doesnít help that Matt keeps calling in sick because since Iím the Sr specialist I have to do his work, plus the fact that everyone else in this department doesnít know how to do the work that he does. So, the last few days have just been draining. Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday! Iíve been drinking Red Bull and Mountain Dew today and Iím still not awake. Ugh!!! Iím just ready to go home.

The thing about Matt is that I know him too well and I know that he isnít sick. Kristen had to talk to him the other day for him chatting way too much all day, surfing the net so much while working, not being a team player and not reaching his quota weekly. Every time he gets talked to he ends up going home early saying he isnít feeling well and then misses the next day and sometimes 2 days, which Iím sure heíll miss tomorrow because itís Friday. But, weíll see.

But, anyway I should get going and get my stuff done so that I wonít have too much to do tomorrow. All I can say is that Matt better be here tomorrow. Blessed Be!!!

Much Love~