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Life is VERY GOOD!!!

Monday, May. 09, 2005 @ 5:18 a.m.

Life has been going well (knock on wood!) Well, I’m finally all moved into my new place. I have finally unpacked the last box yesterday and low and behold there’s a floor in my spare bedroom…hehe. Of course I still have to set up my exercise machine so that I can start using it. I’m stoked!

I received my annual raise at the end of March and then the 2nd week of April I got a promotion to Information Management Specialist with a 9.14% raise on top of my annual raise. How’s that for a kicker?!

Let’s see, oh and the bank that finances my two cars has finally combined the two car loans into one with a lower interest rate. So now, I’m paying less for both cars. My payment is much lower than the monthly payment on my Grand Am was alone. So now, I have two of my 2001 vehicles, my Grand Am and my Chevy combined into one payment, which helps a great deal!

Work has been going great! Busy as hell though. I am going non-stop from the time I get there till the time I leave and have been working a minimum of at least 10 hours a week of overtime. Thank goodness I get paid by the hour and that I’m not salaried.

Last week Dan’s softball team won the championship for his Tuesday night games and tonight we’re going to win the championship for the Monday night games. His team is undefeated both Monday and Tuesday nights.

Well, it’s time I get ready for work, another long day but since I’m constantly busy and on my feet and getting ready for auditors my days always go by so fast. But you know, now that I said that it would probably go slow today-time wise anyway…lol.

All I can say is Life is GOOD!!! (Knock on wood it stays that way for a while). Blessed Be!!

~Much Love,