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Life itself...

2003-10-09 @ 10:53 p.m.

This has been one hell of a week. It's amazing how your brain can get so exhausted. Yesterday, I couldn't even see my desk. What a wreck! I was surrounded by files, on my desk, on my floor, and in a cart that was blocking my space to leave my cube because I had no more room to place the files. It was disastrous! ugh...

Well, of course, it doesn't help when Matt doesn't show up for work and left us short handed. I was so pissed because I referred him gave him good recommendations so that he could get the job, but, never in a million years did I expect this from him. In the last two weeks he worked one full day and the others, it was leaving early or not coming in. Well, after I send him a bitch e-mail letting him know how I felt that he burned me on this, he showed up today. He knows that I am so angry with him on a friend level doing this and making me look like an ass for referring him. Kevin says it's not my fault but, I still feel bad because I feel like I betrayed my boss and my co-workers in my group because I really expected Matt to be dependable. Gawd, I was so wrong. This is why I never mix my personal and professional life together.

On another note...I'm seeing Michael again tomorrow evening for a date. I figured it's only fair that I give him a chance. After all, when I mentioned a few things that bothered me he changed them, and I was impressed that he did that. There are a few other things, but, I'll see if they are tolerable. I believe in giving people chances, and I think I'll give him that. Besides, the sex is really good with him...haha. I know, sex isn't everything, but, its a wonderful stress reliever. :o)

Well, it's late and I need to get to bed. You would not believe how happy I am that tomorrow is Friday!!

Blessed Be!!